Issues Being Resolved

Several hanging issues have been resolved for us in the past week. 


We were concerned because Princess's costume for her upcoming ballet performance is not as modest as we would like it, but it's not as immodest as it could be, so we compromised and she is going to be a Rose of Sharon in an original ballet based on “Hinds Feet on High Places”  Bubba will be a bright green and blue sea horse. 


The church issue got resolved in a round a bout way.  It seems God wants us where we are for a while longer.  Apparently, the church leadership has been attacked by several of the women in the congregation.  The preacher's wife esp. is torn apart over this and they see us as an encouragement to them.  And honestly, I hope we are and can continue to be.  These precious people have hearts as big as Texas.  We love them dearly, as we do many others in the congregation.  We were able to have dinner with them the other night and Shane explained that he thought Preacher's lesson a few weeks ago, might have given these rebellious women an open door.  After preacher explained his position on submission, we understand how he could preach the lesson he did.  We feel his view is not right, but there will always be areas we don't agree on, and maybe God can use us to help them see the truth.  For now, we will remain where we are and try to work within the congregation. 


We are still trying to figure out where God wants us to go on the adoption.  I have talked to several people at different agencies that work in Liberia.  We have had this interest for some time, but were not sure if that is what God wants of us right now.  Esp. since we have a homestudy for a domestic adoption ready and waiting.  Hannah at Children Concerned has sent several pictures of children in the deaf orphanage, but none of them have been “the one”.  (Shane and I are both fluent in sign and have felt a tug this way too).  This was one little girl that we thought about, but it just doesn't seem right.  Besides that, with CC one or both parents must travel, and we're not sure about traveling to Liberia.  We have talked to a lady at PLAN, and more than likely will use them if we go Liberia.  We are sending our homestudy to an agency in NY about a baby girl that I saw on their website.  A couple of months ago, we thought we knew what God wanted to do in our family.  Adopting is never an easy path, there are turns and kinks.  We are still waiting….


It's nice for some of this to be resolved.  Hope you and yours are well. I pray God's blessings on you all.



One thought on “Issues Being Resolved

  1. I wanted to tell you quickly: regarding your church issue, you may want to study the church bylaws and get to know them.

    We found ourselves in a strange situation not too long ago while we were looking for a church home. We actually visited three churches, and the pastors all were gone within a few weeks of our visit. One in particular reminds me of your situation:

    We started visiting this church, actually knew a few people there (just acquaintances, not really friends), so we felt fairly comfortable. We attended about 4 weeks in a row, then one Sunday the pastor announced he had been let go, and he wouldn’t be back. This set off all kinds of arguments and problems within the congregation, a lot of people didn’t want to see him go, and objected very loudly, and eventually ended up leaving the church altogether. The reason these people were so upset was because they didn’t know that within this church’s bylaws, was a clause that allowed the Deacons to make these decisions without taking the issue to the church for a vote. Consequently, a lot of church members didn’t even know there was a problem that was being discussed, and they didn’t know the reason he was let go.

    These 7 men made a decision that affected about 200 people, and disillusioned probably 70 or 80. So, I would encourage you to know all the facts about the governance of the church, so you can be better prepared to do what you feel led to do in regards to the pastor.

    May God provide exactly what your church needs in this situation.



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