Further info on Ladies Retreat

   I have more information about the Above Rubies ladies retreat.  This is tentative as the retreat is just being planned.


It will start Friday night June 16th probably around 7, but the camp will be open from about 3:00pm.  Meals for Saturday and Sunday (breakfast and lunch this day) are included.  After lunch Sunday we'll pack up and go home.   (oh,not sad at all to go home and see my wonderful family, just sad to go home from all the encouragement and teaching, etc. I'll be sucking in over the weekend)


Here's the exciting part—-

the fee is only $100 for the entire weekend, including room and meals.


The main lodge holds 58 people (I think)  If there are more, then they will open up the dorms.  Anyone going will need to bring bedding, and rooms are 2 persons per room in bunks (you can request a private room if you'd prefer not to share).  I personally think it will be kind of fun to share a room and get to know another sister in Christ, but I understand not wanting to share too.


Can you tell how excited I am about this!!Email me if you're interested in contact information to register.  (addy in the sidebar) 




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  1. OH have FUN! There is someone I keep trying to leave comments for but never see a “leave a comment” button~I thought it was you? So glad if I’m right that I could leave ya a comment today, and if I’m wrong it’ll drive me CrAzY trying to figure it out! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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