I’m Going to Camp– New Above Rubies Ladies Retreat

I just got an email from Nancy Campbell that publishes Above Rubies.  They have added a new Ladies Retreat and it's in Tulsa.   Yippee.  It is so new that it is not in listed in the magazine.  Hubby has been hoping for something like this for me.  We have looked at the other Above Rubies camps but all of them were too far away.  Then I get this email today.  I will be calling to register as soon as I post this entry.    The information is below for any that might be interested.  (on second thought, if you are interested email me and I will forward you the contact info to register, I don't want to post personal information on a blog)  If you don't know about Above Rubies, you are missing out on a wonderful resource. 

I would love to meet any homeschoolblogger friends that might be there.  Please let me know so we can find each other.


Our last one for June is in Oklahoma. This retreat is newly organized and not advertised in the Above Rubies magazine, so please spread the word about it so people will not miss out.




Camp Christian, Chouteau, Oklahoma (approximately 40 miles east of Tulsa)



Hoping I'll get to meet many of our wonderful readers at some of the retreats.


Many blessings, NANCY CAMPBELL