Adoption News– The Plan

We're feeling more settled. 


Yesterday, we found out that the judge did not seperate the 9 year old boy we had been hoping to adopt from his half- sister.  We also found out that since the boy had gone back to bio mom for a short time, he had not been happy with the foster family, mainly because at bio mom's he got to do, watch, play whatever he wanted and foster family wouldn't let him do, watch, play whatever he wanted.  So fm thinks that boy was looking for an opportunity to cause problems.  Some of this was new information to us.  Both Shane and I feel more settled about the outcome now that we know the whole story.  


We have been looking into Liberia as an option, but have not felt 100% comfortable with it.  Hannah at Children Concerned has even sent some pictures of deaf children for us to consider (hubby and I both know sign and have worked with the deaf) but none of them are the “one”.   I have to email Hannah and tell her.  Oh I hate doing things like that.  We also don't feel comfortable traveling there, so apparently CC isn't God's plan for us. 


We have sent our homestudy to an agency in NY about a baby girl (that would be really neat, because we'd take the children and see little bit's foster family too).  And we've sent it to Kansas for a sibling group (g 7, boy 6).  Yes, it'd be a state adoption but it just seems like the thing to do for now.    We were actually staffed twice in Kansas before we were chosen for Little Bit.  Of all the states we've had dealings with, they seem to be on the ball.  (Of course their program isn't ran by the state, they have a private company doing the work, hummm.)


I talked to Donna yesterday at Acres of Hope.   They are not taking applications again until Sept.  If we haven't been chosen for a child/ren stateside by then, we will start the process for Liberia.  Oh yea, the plan is subject to change. 


4 thoughts on “Adoption News– The Plan

  1. I’m interested in hearing how your adoption plans go. We are starting the process of becoming registered as foster parents with the intent to adopt. Our first classes start in 3 weeks. This has been on our hearts for several years but we have had housing issues as well as one of our older kids was very uncomfortable with the whole idea. Both of those situations have changed so we’re moving forward.

    I’m going to add you to my friends list so I can keep up with anything you may have to share about the adoption stuff. 🙂



  2. Thanks for sharing your adoption journey. We’ve felt called to adopt too but have not started the process yet. We will most likely go the fost/adopt route as we have friends who have a thriving ministry in this area uniting foster kids with Christian families. Keep us posted! I am interested to see where the Lord leads you :O)



  3. We’ve adopted both of our children through the state (CO), so I understand some of what you’re going through. Thanks for sharing your journey – I’ll look forward to hearing what happens!


  4. Sometimes I look through the waiting children and the other day there were sisters from TX ages 10 and 8 that I would dearly love to bring home. I know this isn’t the time for us to adopt yet, but I so hope we can in the future! Thanks for the updates!


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