The Value of a Stay at Home Mom

Dear hubby Shane gave me quite a compliment here .  Apparently someone has put together how much a stay at home mom is worth in $$$ figures.  There is an article about it here.  And finally there is a cool stay at home mom calculator to see what you're worth.  Being in a small town I'm not worth as much as the average ($134,121 annually), but it's not a pauper's wage in this small town farming community.


So what are you worth?  (yes, I know, it's not about the money, but it's kind of fun anyway)


2 thoughts on “The Value of a Stay at Home Mom

  1. If only we could be paid that much! I am worth more than what hubby makes working. I printed my paycheck to show hubby. I think I will ask him if I can spend it all! hahaha My paycheck is looking at all my assets and how they are producing. God will reward us.


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