Adoption News– a short update

At this point, I believe we have sent our homestudy for almost all of the children we've found on  for now.  Several that we inquired about already had identified families, but a couple still asked us to send our homestudy to be considered for other children. 


There is one brother and sister in Kansas that both Shane and I feel a strong interest in.  They have our homestudy, and are reviewing those they have received.  We were considered for at least 2 children in KS state custody (and were “close seconds”) before we were chosen for Little Bit, so we're wondering if it is our turn now. 


Oh the waiting is never easy.  So glad that God knows and we can trust in him for the outcome. 


After I get a couple more homestudies sent, I feel like I've done what God wants of us and we will wait and see what he has for us. 


I still can't believe we're sending homestudies to state agencies again–after Little Bit, we said we wouldn't do it.  But when God calls, we answer obediently. 


Have a great, wonderful, blessed day,



One thought on “Adoption News– a short update

  1. My husband says, “It’s never wrong to wait on God.” Before we knew anything about our daughter, we couldn’t understand why the home study update & everything were taking so LONG! But in the end, we got to adopt our son’s sister, and that could only happen in HIS timing. As you wait, may you find new strength in Him (Is. 40:31), and may you find a blessing that will come obviously from Him.


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