Go Check Out the Family Blog to See What We’ve Been Doing


This week didn't end up being quite as busy as I thought it would be– next week has slowed down some (some things got cancelled).  But the end of next weekend will be VERY busy!  My dad may be nearby Little Bit has a Dr. appointment Thursday (a follow up with the plastic surgeon that always takes forever). We start ballet rehersals on Friday.We are butchering the chickens Saturday, and have 2 CYT shows we would like to go to.  Plus, we have lunch plans Sunday with a family we've been trying to get together with for months, and our small group study (that Shane leads) is being moved to next Sunday night because of Mother's day.  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it all.  If you think about it pray for us come about Thursday.  We can cancel the shows, if need be — we have no performers, but we really enjoy these and hate to miss them. 


We had a great field trip yesterday.  Check out our family blog to see pictures of what we've been up to


2 thoughts on “Go Check Out the Family Blog to See What We’ve Been Doing

  1. Bubba looks *thrilled* on his new bike! We hatched some chicks a couple of years ago and we were warned that the cuteness will waer off and that they can even get mean and peck! LOL Your outdoor nature studies look very rich with hands on learning! It’s good that you have so many great pictyures to refer back to! Wow, keep up the good work!!!!!
    In His love,
    Cathy :o)


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