I Should Have Added

I should have added, that I wasn't really surprised at the response of the teen girls, I was  disappointed.  I had hoped that that the Spirit would call out to them and that they (okay at least one) would answer the call through what we talked about that evening.  I had really not expected it to get worse.  (Okay, maybe it didn't get worse, but it sure seems like it.) I hope I planted a seed in a couple of their minds, that someone else will water and that eventually it will grow. 

Something else I should have mentioned is that several of the grown women in our congregation dress provocatively as well (including some of the mothers of the girls in the class that evening).   If Mommy can do it, so can they–so they see no need to change what they are doing.  What a sad, vicious cycle.  If they are not hearing about modesty at home, they most certainly are not going to be changed by what one little, dowdy, modestly dressed “old” lady (is 40ish old?) in their congregation has to say.  Even if I walked down their path many years ago and know what they are doing, how they are feeling and why they are doing it. 


I only pray they won't have to go down that wrong path as far as I did before they let the Spirit convict them.


One thought on “I Should Have Added

  1. .. so much for checking on me. I really than God for HSB, you guys are a big source of encouragement to me.

    I do not have a girl yet but if I do, I will surely know what to do. I have been bad at one point in my life and had been risque and I realized that the more closer I am to God the more modest I become. I think I was looking for something and needed something but when I found it, who cares about trying to attract attention.

    Btw I love your family pictures. The kids look fun!

    ~ Melanie


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