One Busy Day Down, Two to Go!

Well we made it through one of the busy days.  God is so good!  We left the house before 10am and got home about 11pm.  I absolutely hate days like that, but am thankful for God's grace through it.  We started with Dr. appt. for Little Bit. A follow up after his palatel lenghthening and nose job in Dec.  Dr. said he's doing great! 


Had lunch with Daddy, then rested in the car for a bit.  Off to speech therapy, then dropped oldest two at CYT classes, got to thrift shop for a while (whoohoo– hadn't done this in months– something unusual for a thrift store queen), met hubby and dropped a car at the commuter lot.  Through McD's drive thru for dinner for the children then the CYT play Jungle Book. Then home, to bed and up this morning. 


Today we have ballet rehersals for July show.  And getting ready for butchering day tomorrow… meaning washing coolers, some last minute shopping for supplies.  Tonight we (Shane and Bubba) will catch all the little darlings and put them in crates to transport to our friends house. He will go over about 5ish in the morning to set help set up things and the children and I will go about 7ish. We will butcher about 130 chickens all together (ours and theirs).  Then there is clean up.  We will hopefully have time for a nap and then off to CYT's Charlie Brown.  


If you have never eaten a fresh chicken, I assure you they are worth every bit of work put into it.  They are delicious, and the broth is so rich. 


Thank you for your prayers, please continue as we really aren't done

with this busy weekend until Monday. 


Have a blessed day!!! 


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  1. Thinking of you during this busy week. I love fresh home-grown chickens, and their eggs. I don’t think I would want to do the butchering though!



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