Whew! We Made It

There are 47 juicy scruptious fresh chickens in our freezer, we grilled 2 Saturday night for dinner.  We took several pictures and will write about the adventures on the family blog in a day or two. 


We decided not to even try to go to Charlie Brown and rented a movie Saturday night instead.  Our friends also rescheduled Sunday afternoon for next week–their neice was playing in a championship soccer game and they needed to be there.  They are the kind of friends you can be honest with and tell them you're relieved that the plans changed.  That was just enough down time in between that we maintained a degree of order through it all. 


I have a couple of (hopefully) thought provoking ideas for blogs bouncing around in my head.  Maybe it won't be too long before I can find a minute or two to put them down. 


Hope you and yours are well.  Thinking and praying for those that are going through difficult times. 

Have a wonderful day in the Lord.