I Hate Waiting

Hi Everyone.  I have missed you!  I have been keeping up with many of you even though I haven’t had much time to comment or blog the past week+.



It seems that a lot is happening on the adoption front, but oh do I hate the waiting– It’s like taking a pregnancy test and waiting to see if it's positive.  But it takes much  longer than 3 minutes to find out!  Just a little nerve-wracking at times.  Yes, I am high strung sometimes and hate the waiting and not knowing.   Yes, I know God knows, but there are some things you just get excited about– for me this is one of them.  Drum roll please… 


I found out today we are being considered for one of the little girls that we are interested in tomorrow!  She is 9 and lives in South Carolina.  She seems to be a precious child, and sounds like she’d be a wonderful match for our family and a great sister for our Princess.  There are some children that are “wow they sound like they'd be a great match for us” she was one of the one's like that.  We all liked her when we saw her on www.adoptuskids.org.  .  This precious girl could be ours.  A vacation to South Carolina sounds pretty wonderful about now. 


I also had a request for a homestudy for sibling group (brother and sister) in TX today that our social worker will send.  And we are waiting to hear about another brother/sister sib group in KS that we were being considered for.  both of these were  “wow” situations too. 



It's really strange.  We started looking and making inquiries– then after I had made a few it felt like I had done all God wanted me to do.  (This could be part of why I am so excited).  Now, knowing me though, I didn't stop there.  I have continued to look and have sent a couple more homestudies since then, but really don't expect anything to come of it. 


It's all in God's hands, he knows the child (or children) He has chosen for us and he will reveal his complete and perfect will to us in His time.  Breath Christine!  Okay, I'm trying not to get too excited about this.   It's not working too well.


 If we are chosen for “B” we could conceivably move forward on a Liberian adoption in September as well as we feel strongly about a baby from Africa too. 


Is it tomorrow yet? 


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  1. OH WOW~I can’t wait to hear you are huggin’ the neck of another beautiful child! *THANK YOU!* for all of your encouragements! You keep me going so well…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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