The DaVinci Code– All The Talk

Is anyone else tired of all the Davinci Code talk?  It seems like everywhere we turn, there is a new book about it and every radio preacher is discussing it.  And yes, I am too now. . . but I don't think these people realize the hype they are adding too it. 

My 6 year old asked the other day if we could go see it! 


The only thing he has heard about it is on the Bott Radio station we listen to.  After hubby explained that “no we would not see it and here's why” Bubba totally an immediately understood.  It frustrates me that it was actually something that came up.  Don't get me wrong– I think study groupls about it can be a great tool to teach people the truth. But, imo, harping on it on national radio (and I'm sure some of the Christian TV stations that we don't watch) is doing nothing but bringing it to the forefront of people's minds. 


2 thoughts on “The DaVinci Code– All The Talk

  1. I saw this entry and had to pipe in. I’m right there with you. We are currently in a small group that is studying Lee Strobels book/DVD on this. IMO I could care less. I do think as christians/church we are adding to the hype. It’s a shame. I have learned some interesting things to say to people if were ever to come up…. but is it me or is there all the hype and no one really caring. I haven’t run into one person who has asked about it.
    I am very tired of the Purpose stuff, the Da vinci stuff and what ever else is ‘popular’ to do in church. I sooo miss just hearing God’s word preached by a man who is being led by GOD to preach , not what the world is into it.

    Ooops. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to vent on you. First time on your blog and there I go. Sorry about that.

    In short, We won’t be reading the book, watching the movie. In a few weeks this will all be old news. PTL!!


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m glad to hear others are tired of the Da Vinci Code too.

    My MIL is very into new age ideas and seized upon the sacred feminine theme in DVC. She loves to debate and wanted to talk about the book endlessly. I refused to read it – actually couldn’t bring myself to is more accurate. But, felt inadequate discussing it with her and responding responsibly as a Christian to a seeker without educating myself to some degree. So, although my husband and I had some reservations about letting our $9.50 per ticket support this movie, we saw it. It was so much worse than I anticipated, but I do feel like I have studied my enemy sufficiently to go into battle now.

    I have to echo the sentiments in the comment above and say that I will be so glad when this fad is over. One commenter on my blog said that she had read an article wherein the author said that DVC is Satan’s answer to The Passion of the Christ. After seeing it, I believe this is apt.



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