Adoption thoughts

Since we haven’t heard from the Social Worker in SC, we are assuming that we were not chosen as “B” 's new parents.  This is probably a good assumption–although I guess it's possible that they would not call immediately to let us know.  We have some speculations as to why we weren’t chosen.  Why it’s hard to be chosen by liberal, feminist staffing teams for a child in state’s custody. 

 We are weird!


 First of all, we are a conservative family, with conservative Christian values. 

Second we homeschool.   We are trying to adopt (and save children) from another branch of the corrupt system.  For many reasons, I believe there are very few state workers that actually care about the children in their custody.  I’m not saying all of them are this way, just like all government schoolteachers are not corrupt.  It’s a faulty system. 

Thirdly, we live in the country.  You’d think this would be an advantage.  However, we have been turned down by a birthmother for this very reason.    Maybe we are to far away from all the advantages of city life?  I can’t think of many, but I guess a 17 year old worldly young lady would. 

Fourth, we believe that Mom should stay home and even if we were to choose the government to educate our children we would not send them to head start, use Parents as Teachers or pre-school.  We would want them home with us as long as possible.  (this was the issue with Little Bit who was 3 when he came home—he was already in the government schools while in foster care).   Most of the children that we have submitted our homestudy for are school-aged.  We haven’t done this before.


But, God is in control, he can bring us our next precious blessing.  None of these things matter in His sight.  We will be faithful and wait for Him. 


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  1. Hey! If you’re weird, then so am I! NOW you tell me!!! Well, we live in outer suburbia but not quite the country…although we would if we could.

    Praying for God’s guidance and for His plan to be fulfilled.



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