The Downside to Country Life

We have always had what I thought to be a good relationship with our neighbors across the street.  Until last night….

In January, we were blessed with a wonderful chocolate lab.  He has fit into the family wonderfully, just like he's always been here.  In April we had a run in with another neighbor that hadn't bothered to introduce himself until Shane shot a pellet gun under their little dog to get him out of  the yard.  (Not long after we got our chickens, he attacked them, did not kill any but didn't want to give him the chance).  He drove over in a mad dash and accused us of lying, told us we “better” keep our our dog on our property, etc.  (btw, our dogs have NEVER been on his property). 

Anyway…  last night our across the street neighbor, who we have traded farm chores with if either of us is out of town and visited with several times called and told us Ben bared his teeth at their daughter and that if he did it again, he would KILL  the dog.  I find this hard to believe– he has never been aggressive with anyone and I've never heard of a lab attacking someone for no reason.  (I gave the phone to hubby because I didn't know what to say to him). 

Anyway apparently he has been barking at them when they come home and the wife says she spoke to me about it over the fence– the only time I can recall speaking to her recently was when I was leaving in the van and called out a hello and waved.  I guess she hollored back about the dog, it was windy and I didn't hear her.  Now, they do have our phone number and could have called and talked to us about and we would have gladly taken the dog over and “introduced” them to each other.  Or done whatever we needed to do to try to remedy the situation.

Back to last night… the husband said that he kicked up gravel at Ben and told him to go home, it was after that when Ben apparently bared teeth at the daughter.  Shane went over and talked to them– in his mind the husband had “talked” to us (instead of shooting the dog then and there I guess), but if calling up threatening to kill our dog is “talking” then I guess I'm an idiot.  He said that was they way he was raised (to kill dogs–I guess) and that's the way he is.  Well, the way I was raised  is you call and talk to someone about a problem in the beginning, before you reach the point of threatening them (or their animals), but I guess our rules don't apply since he has the gun and we don't.  (Well okay we do, but wouldn't use it unless absolutely necessary– pellet gun works just fine and doesn't kill the dog). 


Shane did take the dog over and they got to know him.  But I guess I'll have to keep Ben inside much more often — great life for a huge labrador, huh? 


This comes in the wake of being threatened by the other neighbor and having to get rid of our beloved beagle… it's a wonderful country life… NOT.  And this neighbor knows what we have gone through with the dogs recently and still no compassion!


In case you're wondering, their 2 dogs, their pig, their ducks have all been on our property at one time or another, never been a big deal to us–but if they shoot their dog, I guess we'll have to live by the rules of the land. 


 I had heard that these neighbors had problems getting along with others in the neighborhood before we moved in–now I understand why.  If their idea of talking is yelling across the fence, or threatening then it's no wonder there have been problems.  Great neighborhood huh?


2 thoughts on “The Downside to Country Life

  1. Maybe if you bake them some cookies and smile a lot they will be
    more friendly to the dog. I’m in 100% agreement, your dog didn’t snarl at their daughter. Only if he was truly threatened by her or someone near her.

    I looked back over your last few entries. Have you ever considered Photobucket?
    It works great for photos.

    About the adoption, I know you already know this but I’m going to say it. I know the Lord has the perfect child waiting for your awesome family. In time He will bring you all together. What a blessing you are to your children.

    The TV brings huge grrr’s to me. I’m thankful my husband is watching less and less of it. I’m sure the therapist don’t even realize it is on. They have grown deaf and immune to it’s distraction to real interaction. A couple of weeks ago I put my two youngest(5 and 2) in the van and came back from my parents, a 2 hour drive. They had water to drink and that was it for the ride. My mom and husband couldn’t believe I didn’t entertain them with something. They had beautiful countryside to watch and naps to take, they didn’t need entertained. Plus we sang songs and talked about our museum visit. Anyway, I hear you. I’ve been guilty of using the TV to babysit but have been reformed over the last few years. You’d love this broadcast by Ravi Zacharias,

    I’ll be praying about your neighbor situation,
    Wishing you a blessed and great day,


  2. It’s unfortunate that people have to act that way. I don’t know where you live, but just because you’re in the country doesn’t give him the right to take the law into his own hands, and just because that’s the way he was raised, that doesn’t give him the right, either. What if he was raised to rob convenience stores? Would that make it okay? I think not.

    It’s a shame that dogs are considered property, but right now he’s threatening your property, and if he fires a weapon, he’s guilty of destroying property, and of firing it too close to a residence and endangering you and your children. I always seem to look at things from a law enforcement point of view…just how I was brought up, I guess. You may want to mention this in a calm, cool manner, and then remember:


    You have just experienced firsthand why ‘they’ say that.

    I’ll say a little prayer for your family, and for his.


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