“That’s the Beauty of America”

Yesterday on the way to ballet class, I stopped to get gas.  When I got out of the car there was   very, very, very    loud music (if that's what you want to call it) coming from somewhere.  As I looked around I saw a beautiful older sleek black Chevy Impala–out of that car came some very distasteful “music” Although it was not as bad as it could be, it was not something I wanted to fill my head with–nor my children's head.  After he left I said outloud, “that guys gonna need to learn sign language in another 3 or 4 years at the rate he's going”  the guy next to me heard and made a comment back, we talked while we finished getting our gas,  then the last comment he made was


“that's the beauty of America”


I'm assuming he was speaking of  freedom of speech and totally agree with that. I don't agree with what they guy in the great car was doing–it was not freedom of speech. In addition to disturbing the peace (which I guess isn't enforced anymore).  He forced his crummy music on me and the 20-30 other people getting gas, sitting in their cars, going in and out of Quicktrip, and those passing by on the street (yes, this guy's sound was LOUD).  

I don't go around forcing my beliefs on anyone– but if someone plays loud obnoxious music and someone else has a problem with it– it seems that it is always the someone elses problem if they don't like it.


What happened to consideration for others?  (essentially the problem I had with our neighbors–they didn't consider us and talk to us beforehand, they just threatened us). 


Where are all the nice, friendly people that live by the golden rule?  Could someone send some my way?