My Blogging Friends

Maybe I am weird (okay, I know I'm weird) but I haven't thought about whether this is weird or not.  So I'll let you decide. . .


I talk about my blogging friends like I know ya'll personally.  I mean Shane and I have been in conversations before about where Fletch went for so long.  How Oreo has been since going MIA and how great it is to see her back.  About a new friend that Shane and I both have that is a missionary in Tiawan   of course there is Sandi –I think she's everybody's friend.  I love reading Spunky because she really gets me going sometimes and Di and I are often on the same soapbox at the same time.  I have also talked to others about you too, just as if you were friends they might someday run into in the neighborhood someday. 


There are the many others that I am friends with.  (just because I didn't mention you doesn't mean that I don't appreciate each of you on my friends list).  Funny when I first started this blog thing I thought I'd never have a friend then Julie added me to her friends list and off I went.  Now I have 50 blogging buddies.  Yes 50 — I never would have imagined that!


There are so many of you that I wish I could meet in person and look forward to meeting in heaven if not in this lifetime.  Several that have gone through hard times that I wish I could come and put real arms around and give hugs and several that it would be wonderful just to meet and have a wonderful time of fellowship together. 


Each of you have encouraged me, uplifted me and been my friend when others around me do not understand why we have made some of the choices we have made for our family. 


Okay, so am I weird for treating you like you are truly part of my life (because you are) each of you is special to me in your own way?  Do any of you do this? Time to fess up. 


5 thoughts on “My Blogging Friends

  1. Yeah, me too. It’s weird, in some ways I’m closer to some of my blogging buddies than to my friends in real life. I think about everybody a lot. This is a great vitrual community.
    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. Only it is funny when I mention someone, and DH says “Who?”. He doesn’t know everybody yet.



  3. Christine,
    I do this to….people I work with think I’m so strange! I’ll say so and so is my friend on the internet.

    Again I’m so grateful for being able to get to know you! What a blessing you are.

    I am seriously looking into Ambleslide for our next year. Have you ever heard of this book? “An Island Story”, I can’t find it on Amazon or the library.

    Uhhhh, the george foreman dvd’s are still in the wrapper.***sheepish grin***Thank you for the reminder.

    Wishing you a blessed day,


  4. When you talk to others about us (blog friends) what do you call us? I am always stumbling around, saying something like, one of my friends, er, a, one of the people that I frequent their blog. Or I was talking to, oh, a, on my blog the other day, I was reading. Or so-n-so said, …. DH says, “Who’s so-n-so?

    It’s hard to know what to call people without sounding like a total weirdo to people that aren’t blogging or on forums and haven’t created relationships with people on the net.

    What do you call us? Blogging Buddies sounds good to me. I think that’s what I will use.


  5. I say one of my blogging buddies. Or one of my blogging friends. Funny — great minds think alike 🙂


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