Mini Adoption Update

Apparently, we haven't been chosen for any child that we've been considered for to date.  There is a staffing of sorts tomorrow for a little girl from Russia that has been in an adoption situation for 6 months in the states.  We have read over the information on her, and quite honestly can find no reason for the family to disrupt the adoption, yes there are adoption issues but no RAD, or attachment issues evident in the paperwork.  Apparently this agency works in replacing disruptive adopted children.  The worker told me that they 've had people disrupt adoptions as soon as a month from bringing  a child home– I cannot even imagine!  It sounds like these people are ill prepared for adoption issues that every adopted child has!  There are rare instances where disruption must occur, but for heaven sake's after spending all that money to get a child “home” and abandon them after a MONTH!  Okay off the bunny trail   and onto the issue at hand . . .


From what we understand the present adoptive family chooses the new family.  It sounds as though we are very similar to the adoptive family, except we have experience with adoption, so we are hoping that this will be in our favor. 


If we make the cut of the 3-4 on Friday, then we will be presented to the family and they will choose.  This would NOT be a state adoption either and that appeals to us tremendously.  Shane also went to Russia on a mission trip and has a love for the people there.  We are cautiously hopeful. 




2 thoughts on “Mini Adoption Update

  1. That poor child! I can’t believe that a family would move to disrupt an adoption after only 6 months. How very sad. She needs someone like you to show her that she is a child of God, and that He won’t give up on her so easily.

    I pray she gets to come home permanently with your family, or that wherever she ends up, she learns of her Father who will not forsake her.


  2. How exciting! Sounds like you have a good chance if the adoptive family sounds similar to your family! Can’t wait to hear more!


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