Being F-E-M-A-L-E

Friday night Nancy talked about our role as help-meet to our husbands.  One way she desribed it was a way I had not heard of before.  She said we are “one” with our husbands like a coin is one coin with 2 sides.  My husband is one side of the coin and I am the other — each side different, but we are one coin.  She also said that the hebrew word means opposite– so we are to be opposite of our husband's. 


Nancy spoke this weekend about being FEMALE and what it meant.  She used it as an acronym.  This is also expounded on in the newest issue of the magazine. 


F– Feminine

      The more feminine we are the more our husbands are released to be masculine. 


E– Equal in worth, but different in function

      God took the rib from the side of Adam because we are equal, but from    under the arm because we need to be protected. 


M– Maternal 

        Eve was the “mother of all living” in Gen. 3:20 before she was a mother


A– Anchor of our homes

       We are the anchor for our husbands that come home from battling the world.  We nest and nurture.  God's plan was for children to be raised in homes (Nancy added not being drug from activity to activity and living in a car).  She talked about the table being a gathering place for the family. 

She mentioned that Eden means pleasure/delight and our homes should be a place of pleasure and delight.  And that the table was created in Heaven before the Bible was written. 


L– Life giver

       Our children will live eternally and giving life is an eternal career. 


E — Enricher of our homes

       Filled with love and joy

Nancy also said that we are to the the “en”…

    Enabler, encourager, endearer, enhancer, enlarger, enlightener, enlivener, enobler, enthraller, enthuser, entertainer, enticer, engraver, entreater, enveloper, and envisioners of our homes. 


In the question and answer session Saturday afternoon someone asked about children and church.  She quoted Joel 2:16  “Consecrate the congregation: assemble the elders; gather the children, even nursing infants.”  (ESV) on the Above Rubies website there is an article that expounds on this called

 “should children be in church”  go to “articles and stories” and scroll down the page and find this article.  Unfortunately I can't link directly to this page.  If this is something you are struggling with I highly recommend that you read it. 


There was so much more this weekend — I wish all of my dear like-minded friends could have come and been encouraged as I was, but I hope that I have given you something to encourage you from Nancy's wisdom. 


Have a wonderful day– smile often at your children today!  Be filled with joy!









4 thoughts on “Being F-E-M-A-L-E

  1. The church we attend is not my “perfect” pick. It is great, but not perfect.
    One of my frustruations is the fact that they completely discourage children in the sanctuary throughout the entire service, except in the summer.

    I want my children to grow in understanding that church is about worshiping collectively with the body. Not being entertained.

    So, I pray that this time during the summer where they take a break from children’s church will bring fruit into my daughter’s lives. That they may experience what church is really about, in the biblical sense.
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    Blessings dear one,


  2. Wow, it sounds like such a great retreat. So glad you were able to go and be refreshed and encouraged. Praying here that God will give you the desires of your heart.


  3. That was my post above, but I was going to add a praise report about our church. Our church has always been very much about the children’s programs and that children need to be with their own age. Several years ago I pulled my oldest ones out and since then the pastor and I have had many conversations about what I think my children are getting out of the service. Well Praise God, this September we are having our 11:00 service changed and it will now be a family worship service. The early service will be for those who want to take advantage of the children’s programs, but none will be offered at 11:00. They will have nursery though. This may seem like a compromise, but really our pastor has had a change of heart. We felt many times like leaving and finding a family friendly church, but we love our church family and pastor plus God never released us. There are several homeschool families there and we all have our children in with us. Sometimes God puts us where we are not for our comfort, but because of our influence and testimony for others.


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