Even More From the Above Rubies retreat

Pearl and Meadow sang some wonderful songs about motherhood.  I came home with one of Pearl and Serene's CD and have already worn it out.


Here are the words to 2 of the songs that really touched my heart.  These songs were written by Pearl and/or Serene.  The stories behind the songs are on the Above Rubies website


Joyful Mother


Hannah knelt before the Lord

Her lips moved with the anguish of her soul

grant me my desire, Lord

Give to me a son that I can hold

She never stopped asking for a miracle

God was faithful, He remembered her



he makes the barren woman

become a joyful mother

and the home she lives in

Is filled with laughter so praise ye the Lord


It seemed impossible

Sarah wondered how it could be true

God had promised she would be

A mother, but her years had passed to soon

But there's perfect timing to God's plan

The King of Kings would come through her Son


The chorus is directly from Psalms 113:9

I couldn't help but think of myself.  I am a barren woman, but he has filled my home with laughter.  I won't say I'm always joyful, but I'm working on it.  I also feel like this was a word that there will be another baby in our house. 


There was another song named “Above Rubies”  that touched all of our hearts… maybe I'll post those words later.  Must go give time to my precious children now





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  1. I still love reading about the retreat! Ya know, I was very hesitant about posting my “Bernie Mac” thoughts~YIKES! I’m glad you chimed in with your view…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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