What I am worth — Above Rubies: The Song

This song really spoke to me.. often I have wondered why I do what I do.  The laundry will never be “caught up.” The house will never be “clean” for longer than a few minutes.  Dinner is made and eaten and then we start again with the next meal.  A homemaker's  job is never done.  I can never say “the project's finished boss”.  But as I think about it– Thank God, He will never say that about me and my imperfections and sin either. 


Pearl and Meadow sang beautiful songs that spoke to our hearts.  It was so inspiring to see lovely Meadow (who is 11) singing these songs and knowing that she was getting such a rich education in motherhood by ministering to us.  Please visit the website and sign up for the magazine and newsletter– you will be so very blessed.  Buy the CD if you can– you will be so blessed by their folksy type mother ballads that will speak so many words that you have often thougth yourself.  These last 2 songs come from the “Sooth Me” CD. 


Above Rubies


Growing boys want to eat all day

Wiping crumbs and the dishes won't stay away

Baby cries, up by five

Won't see the bed again til late at night

One wants a story, one needs a nap

Daddy'll be home soon the place is a wreck

And I wonder…



What am I to You all these little things I do

Do You notice. Are they important in your plan?

And I can hear you say

She who fears the Lord is to be praised

And her worth is Above Rubies

You set a price for me– Above Rubies



I could have worn a business suit

Had a better life– but that's not true

ABC's and 123's

Ring around the rosies, all fall down with glee

I know it's simple, the world doesn't see

I may not move mountains in this ministry

But I wonder…






Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is Above Rubies

Her children will rise up and call her blessed and her husband also




3 thoughts on “What I am worth — Above Rubies: The Song

  1. Thanks for sharing such lovely words! I will definitely have to check out their encouraging CD’s.



  2. I would love to actually hear this! Have you heard “Maker of the Home?” If ya e-mail me, I’ll even call and sing it to ya! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  3. I followed a link to your blog the other day and read about the Above Rubies song and I didn’t even know it was you. Nice blog!



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