Hubby’s Post on Modesty

We are all wrapped up in Princess's and Bubba's ballet until the middle of July.  This past Friday was the first dress rehersal.  Up until Friday, Shane had only been able to watch Bubba's “seahorse” dance once.  Princess was disappointed he had not seen her “rose of sharon” dance yet, so Shane made special plans to come this past  Friday.  He stayed for both dances.  For several weeks they have been having Friday rehersals.  Honestly, I have seen more skin on the teen girls during this time than I've seen in quite a while.  There was enough that even Bubba has made comments about the immodesty. 


Shane came Friday and stayed for their dances, but it was hard for him!   Not only were the costumes not as modest as past costumes but one MOM   sitting in front of  Shane was wearing a green thong with a rhinestone design hanging out for all the world to see.  And I'm sure she thought it was cute.  But Shane and the other men present didn't think it was cute. 


I have to tell you that  Shane has done alot to maintain his purity.  Starting in his teens, he has worked to take those impure thoughts captive– but when a green thong is staring you in the face it's pretty hard to do so!!!


If you ladies don't understand what dressing immodestly does to a man, read his letter to you here.  If you think it's all his problem– think again!  We are not to cause our brother to stumble.  Dressing immodestly causes all of our brothers to stumble–even those that have worked dilegently to train their minds.  And it does not give a good example of Christ to the world. 


Shane and I  have been married for almost 12 years and he has been trying to explain it to me all that time– I am just now beginning to understand it. 


Us gals think it's cute to show some skin; we like the attention men give us when the admire us in sexy little clothes.  Well let me tell you something.  If we really knew what was going on in those mens minds– we wouldn't like it!  


Would we like them undressing us even further? 

Would we like them thinking we are easy?

Would we like them thinking we are sluts?


If we see a guy with cute buns, or great muscles we think “oh that's nice” or maybe even “wow”.  Eve's response to Adam was probababy more like, Oh, He's cute!  But man's mind works visually, that's the way God made him.  Adam's response to Eve when he saw her the first time can be likened to:










Why do you think they “were naked and felt no shame”?   They certainly weren't standing around admiring the fruit on the tree!!!!!


Ladies, we have a responsibility to our brothers in Christ, granted they have a responsibility to do what they can to take their thoughts captive; but we are not to do things that cause them to stumble. 

Sisters, going around half naked DOES cause our brothers to stumble!!!! 


It's not cute.  It is sinful. 


What will you do about it? 


4 thoughts on “Hubby’s Post on Modesty

  1. True, It was bad enough that we all had to see it but what grossed me out the most was that it was twisted. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!

    I was telling my husband about this. It was so distracting. If only, I could have been bold enough to call out, “Hey your thong is showing and making my stomach turn!” I’m just glad that my teenaged son wasn’t there.


  2. I know, my husband has tried to explain to me as well. It is hard to understand but definitely don’t want to cause them to stumble! Thanks for reminding us of their God given desires and struggles! As for your post before this on joyful home, I have been convicted of the same thing and realize how important it is to have that joy even for my sanity! Enjoyed your posts.


  3. AMEN!
    This is such a controversial subject and it shouldn’t be! Have you ever listened to Nancy Leigh DeMoss series on Modesty? It is fantastic and I think every teen girl should listen to it (after Mom and dad have!) There is some material that is for older teens.
    Young ladies, if you look in the mirror and say, “This makes me look HOT” then you need to look in your heart, as the Lord does, and see why “looking hot” is important.
    It breaks my heart to see beautiful christian young ladies degrade themselves by going with the current trends. What happened to ‘being in the world but not part of it”? You don’t have to dress frumpy to be modest either.
    I highly recommend the afore mentioned series!
    Thanks for sharing.


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