Prayers Needed for Little Liberian Angel

There is a precious baby in Liberia that needs our prayers. 


I have been lurking on the Liberian Yahoo group for some time now, as we try to decide which avenue of adoption to pursue.  A few weeks ago, Heather at LazyD sent an email to the group about bringing home her children, at the bottom, her signature has a link to her blog at LazyD .  We have since emailed and added each other's blogs to our friend's list.  Heather and her husband, Eric are also friends of Fletch and   Kendra  and in fact go to church with them.   That makes them OK in my book. 


Eric is in Liberia now to bring home Joesph and Gabrielle.  He was introduced to a precious 6 month old baby girl weighing 6 pounds with what they think to be a heart problem.  They speculate that unless she gets some help soon, she will not live. 


Get this– her name is Dorcas!  Does anyone else think this precious baby is meant to be raised from the dead? (for if she stays in Liberia she most certainly will die).  


You can read about her here at Heather's blog


Heather probably thinks I'm nuts at this point because I've email  ummmm at least 5 times about Dorcas. 


Me and my tender heart– I have to remind myself that I cannot save all the babies.  But, we know some people that host children from Haiti that need medical attention.  I made a call to her… and found at that at least in Haiti (and I imagine probably similar in Liberia) we need the following to happen:


 If we can get a humanitarian visa (which will likely involve finding a doctor there that can perform an eckogardiogram and if he will say that she needs medical help in America and if we can find doctors here that are willing to help her and if this can all occur before Eric comes home (likely Sunday now) then possibly, she can come with him and have a chance at life.  Of course, she would have to return to Liberia before an adoption could take place.  But better for her to live and go back for a period of time than not to live at all. 

I'm sure that Dorcas is not the only precious child doomed to die in Liberia or in other countries around the world, but this is one we can possibly help.  Would you please pray for her? 


One thought on “Prayers Needed for Little Liberian Angel

  1. Thank you Christine for writing about Dorcas. I would highly recommend that if the Lord is so leading you that you contact Donna at Acres of Hope. I can get that number for you or you can go to I am praying that the Lord will heal her broken body and give her a family in the US. What a blessing it would be if it was your family!
    We are having a hard enough time getting our children out of the country at this point to take another one with us. Sad to say, the government is not very cooperative when it comes to saving these children. ~Heather


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