Bioidentical Hormones VS HRT or the Pill

I have been wanting to post on this for some time, but haven't made the time until now.  Diane  was talking about her hormones being out of whack so instead of leaving a comment I thought it was time to share with you ladies the wonders of natural hormones and what they can do for you!


You need to know…


For many years I refused to do anything about my hormones.  I thought that I should be able to control this if I let the Holy Spirit control my life enough.  This was a lie from the pit of  hell.  And because I wouldn't go sooner, I caused problems between myself and my family.  PLEASE, if you are having mood swings PMS, perimenopause, or menopause do not put yourself and your family through this any longer.  If you were a diabetic would you wait for the Holy Spirit to heal you and not take your insulin?  No because that would be stupid.  Let me tell you– it's just as stupid to not get yourself help for mood swings caused by hormonal imbalance.


I am 41 y/o.  For probably a good 7-9 years I have been battling horrible mood swings during my menstrual cycles.  With the addition of each child these swings have gotten worse.  In my teen years, I was the one that no one knew when I was cycling.  All of my friends were amazed when I told them I was having my period.  My moods were fairly level– I was pretty happy most of the time. 


When I was 17 I had a boyfriend and went on the pill.  No one tells you what these little “innocent” pretty pills can really do to a girls body.  (this was before my days as a Christian)


They kill babies.  There is an article here for you to read about it.  They can act like

abortifacients- meaning the embryo is formed.  The pill does not allow it to attach to the uterus.  Thus the baby is killed. 


They mess up the natural hormones that God designed to work in a woman's body.

Many of you have probably heard the stories about HRT.  Synthetic hormones.  That is what the pill is– synthetic.  (There are other things in this society that contribute to this, like pestisides used on fruits and vegtables and hormones that are given to animals to grow them bigger and quicker, but sythetic hormones are a great contributer)  The pesticides mock your bodies natural hormones, so your body stops producing them and then you get unbalanced. 


They can cause infertility.   I firmly believe this is at least part of why I have not conceived a child.  I was on the pill at a young age and was on them pretty regularly for about 10 years. 


Bioidentical Hormones (NHR)are being recognized far and wide as a viable alternative to HRT. (synthetic)  From my understanding they are derrived from plants and are identical to what your body produces naturally. 


I have been researching this for several years.  Starting with Dr. Richard Lee's book about 8 years ago.  About 3 years ago read Suzanne Somers book “The Sexy Years” Then found a wonderful book at the compounding pharmacy that describes everything in an easy to read and understand format.  Natural Hormone Replacement for women over 45  by Jonathan V. Wright and John Morgenthaler   I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand more. 


Most often women are etrogen dominant, meaning they need more progesterone, and believe it or not we need testosterone too.  I won't go into details suffice it to say Shane is a much happier husband these days 🙂  Getting too much progesterone can cause the same or worse mood swings than not having enough estrogen.  I found this out the hard way.  I'd tell my first doctor that I still didn't feel quite right and he'd increase the progesterone.  It caused ANGER!!  ANGER and more ANGER.  It's a wonder we survived thouse few months.  I have since found a different doctor and she got it right the first time! 


If you are struggling:


**Call a compounding pharmacy in your area(ours locally is “The Medicine Shoppe” )

**Ask them for names of doctors that prescribe bioidentical hormones for women

(mine had a list of several) 

** Call and make an appointment.  Keep track of your cycle for a couple of months beforehand if possible.  Definately keep track of symptoms. 

** keep the appointment.  The Dr. may or may not do blood work.  If you're still not feeling quite right call back and tell them. 

** sometimes your medical insurance will even cover this.  If not, it can be expensive– but trust me your husband will think the investment well worth his money.

** find a good and I mean good multi-vitamin.  (I'm taking melaluca, but there are others)  I've seen some testimonials about “supermom multiple vitamins” but don't know anything more about them.


I have been on NHR for about 2 years.  Only recently have a found an doctor that got it right.  And I could tell the difference overnight!  Yes literally within a few hours of getting on the right dose, my body felt more stable.  I still have to use self-control, but for the first time, my children and husband do not walk around on eggshells during those 2 weeks of the month.  I'm feeling more and more like my old self. 






2 thoughts on “Bioidentical Hormones VS HRT or the Pill

  1. Thanks for the info on natural hormones. (BTW, I wouldn’t *really* go back on the Pill. Just a little cry of desperation there!) I actually felt for a few weeks just like I did while I was on the Pill … no feelings or moods whatsoever, just totally apathetic. That was around the same time I had my possible early miscarriage. I’m going to have to look into this some more, it’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. If you’re not severe, you can try progesterone cream and see if it helps you. It did a little for me, but not enough. Dr. Lee talks about it in his book.


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