Dorcas– Adoption Update

Heather at Lazyd suggested we call Donna at Acres of Hope about Dorcas.  I just talked with Donna a while ago.  Dorcas (they call her DD)  is extremely malnourished, up every hour in the night,  feeding every 2 hours and very fragile.  She did say that she's gained 1/2 ounce over the last 3 weeks and is sucking her thumb and is trying to imitate sounds and facial expressions (very 6 month oldish).  They believe she might have a condition called Marfan syndrome.  This is nothing we had heard of before.  After doing research online, I've found out that it it effects the connective tissue which includes a lot of tissue in a persons body.  It can be very mild to very serious in nature.   1 in 5000 people are diagnosed with it, and most end up leading normal lives.  Also, many people show symptoms of this condition without having it.  Nothing can be determined until Dorcas is out of Africa.  Donna also said that the officials are aware of Dorcas's situation and they want to cooperate to save her. 


Her arm was also twisted in birth.  Not a very big concern to us. 


It sounds like we made Donna's preliminary cut. 


The next step…


I call INS Wednesday morning and find out how quickly we can get the I 600 A approval.  If that can move quickly, then we may be “the family” for her.  Donna has taken a special interest in her– she will want to talk to the family before the final decision is made. If we are chosen then we'll have pictures. 


Please pray that God would open and close doors accordingly.  The main thing in all of this is that Dorcas gets a forever family.  We would like it to be us, but we know God is in control. 


This sure would take care of us deciding what direction to take….


Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 



3 thoughts on “Dorcas– Adoption Update

  1. I’ll definitely be praying for y’all…and especially for Dorcas!

    Waiting can be difficult…but the most precious things are worth waiting for, aren’t they?



  2. You seem to have so many changes and uncertainties in your life these days. I can see why you feel like you’re wandering in the desert. Never give up and always remember that G-d has a plan; the desert isn’t forever, and a land flowing with milk and honey is waiting for you. Be well and be blessed.


  3. We have been praying for Dorcas ever since Eric sent word. What a blessing she could be with your family… we’ll keep praying!


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