We Still Have Hope

Last Wednesday we crashed the Pastor's small group at Cedar Ridge E- Free.  We were invited to “Family Fun Night” on Friday and went despite the fact that we were exhausted beyond exhaustion.  Then with the holiday, we figured it would be a good opportunity to visit on Sunday.  Tomorrow night they have a 4th celebration, but Shane's family is coming down for the 3rd annual celebration at our house.  Next Wednesday is Prayer meeting.  (They alternate every other week). 


The Pastor preached a Biblical sermon for about 1 hour.  The entire service lasted about 2 hours, but it went by quickly.  The music was uplifting and encouraging.  The pastor mentioned Stem Cell research from the pulpit!  (about some new pamphlets they had available).  What else?   It was just plain nice!  Melanie talked about crying over “America the Beautiful” at church yesterday.  I cried too, but it was because we were with a body of believers that had similar thougths as us.  It was so nice to not be soooo weird. 


Downside– no place to stop for cappuccino on the way in– a special Sunday morning treat for us about 8 years running now.  (There's always the mix we can make at home and take with us)


There were a couple of things that we really will have to consider and pray about.  They do not serve communion every week.  This is something that we feel is very important, but we have to decide if we can live without it. (Have it at home after service– when we've done this in the past, it's been a very special time between Shane and I)  The instruments were loud and we couldn't hear the congregation singing. . But their instruments consisted of piano, guitar, violin, and flute– very nice.  We'll have to decide if we can live with it.  The people were friendly.  Everyone was dressed modestly.  (not sure anyone else covers, or wears dresses all the time, but I can live with that).  It is definately a possibility! 


We have found 2 other E-Free churches in the area that could be possibilities.  Shane will check on them after the holidays.  We have Wednesday nights free so we will continue to visit then and take occassional Sundays to visit too.




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