Apparently there is a way

Shane just talked with the director.  He was told that we need to ask for a request to expidite for the I600 A.  Along with regular paperwork, we need to send medical records including anything that would show that she will probably die if she doesn't get out of the country soon.  The director would not give us a time frame.  But he did say “quickly”  In government terms who knows what that means, but less than 90 days!  We would need to walk it though the process, but we are willing to do that.  They will evaluate and make a decision on whether to expedite. 


I have called Donna waiting for the call back– we'll see what happens. 


2 thoughts on “Apparently there is a way

  1. If “The King’s heart is like water in the hands of the Lord,” then surely God is bigger than bureaucrats, too! (Hope I’m quoting that verse right – didn’t take time to actually look it up.) Thanks for sharing this process. The Lord WILL be glorified!

    With my prayers,


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