Bad business — INS

This morning I called our Kansas City INS office to see how long it would take to get the I600A approval  Since I didn't know the appropriate person to speak with, I had to speak with the “operator”  She was more than unhelpful– yes, unhelpful.  I'm not surprised as it is a government office– but I did expect a little more. 


me “I hope you can help me, I don't know who I need to talk to but I need to find out how long an I-600a would take to be approved, would that be the orphan petitions person?”

her: “it could take up to 90 days” 

me” I explained Dorcas's condition– 6 months and 6 pounds, is there anyway to speed things up– “could I help walk it through?”

her:”you could write a letter when you submit the form”

me: “The Liberian gov't is willing to work to get her out quickly so she won't die” 

her: “there are spousal orphan adoptions and others ahead of you” 

me: “What is the name of the person I would need to speak to?”

her: “E-5–and she's not here right now”  (no offer of voicemail etc)

me: (in shock) “you mean you don't even give your employees names– they're just a number too? “

her: “she'll give you her name when you talk to her” 



Does this sound as ridiculous to you as it did to me?  Bubba came out from bed during the end of this conversation.  I hung up and shook my head he says “was it a bad business?” what else could I say “yes, it is the government, it is bad business” 


I called Shane, we thought maybe a man would get further.  He called and got the voice mail of the person.  He didn't bother leaving a message because her voice was so slurred he couldn't understand half of what she said.  He also left a message for the director (since his name is on the website).  We'll see what happens with this route. 


How far do we go with this?  Maybe we aren't meant to be Dorcas's forever family.  We're okay with that.  We are used to road blocks when pursuing an adoption.  Little Bit was meant to be part of our family, we had to fight for him.     We had to call Isaac's birthfather's bluff when he stalled for 2 months to sign the reliquishment papers.  And we had to walk on eggshells with Hannah's birthmother because if we said something casually, like “if necessary, we would move nearer to my parents in TN to take care of them if they needed”  She took this to mean we were moving back to TN– go figure.  This is all a part of the adoption process.   


We are fighters!  We don't just throw up our hands and say “oh well” when it comes to adopting.  We know that Satan is not pleased when we take a child that otherwise probably not been raised for God's glory and we are doing just that.  


Honestly, this couldn't have come at a busier time.  Shane has been swamped at the office and we have this ballet to get through.   There are so many other things up in the air.  But this is typical of a homeskool adoption. 


Can I also say that this is frustrating when there are thousands if not millions of illegals in this country– we are doing it the right way and we are condemned. 


I ramble — so now I sign off




2 thoughts on “Bad business — INS

  1. We have a good friend working in Liberia now. We are hoping he can set up adoptions through a good agency. So, we are hoping to, at some point, bring home another son from Liberia.

    Argh..I can’t believe they referred to someone as E-5. It’s like a robot working.


  2. Acres of Hope is not the “bad business” From my understanding the organizations working in Liberia are reputable and really working hard to save these children’s lives. Most are Christian agencies. It is OUR United States government that is the “bad business” at least according to our 6y/o son. Once Shane talked to the KC director, we were able to get some answers.


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