Here She Is– really this time

Sorry ya'll.  I tried to take a shortcut because I was in a hurry and it didn't work.


Now really… here she is…


I really like this one.  It's so cute!


Here is one of her in just a diaper.  Take note of the adult thumb in the picture on her left wrist. 



And another one that I think is just precious. 




We are meeting with our social worker this afternoon,  need to get our homestudy to Liberia by the middle of next week.  We also have an appointment at INS next Wednesday.  Pray for our sanity next week is also Princess and Bubba's ballet a full week without running all over town for Dorcas.  (Deede)


9 thoughts on “Here She Is– really this time

  1. .. but I can already tell she is beautiful. She will be blessed to have you as a mom, loving her already even before you are able to hold her. I am praying for you.
    ~ Melanie <


  2. Hi! My hubby & I are just starting the process to adopt from Liberia and his family live there as missionaries. Just the other night she was telling me on the phone about an adorable little girl that she held at a dinner–it was your DD from AOH! What a heart-warmer to know there is a family praying and waiting for this little one! Blessings! (Kathy Cannon–


  3. how precious. we will be praying here in Taiwan for everything to go quickly and smoothly and for this precious one’s health to stay good enough to get to the USA and into her momma’s arms.


  4. …right there with you. She’s adorable. I pray she gets healthier and that your home will be blessed with another little one.



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