Amazed at the Unexpected

I honestly cannot believe this is happening.  I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the thought of having a precious baby daughter to love, to teach the ways of Jesus and to watch grow up while I grow older.


When I first emailed Heather about Dorcas I honestly did not even think that we would be adopting her– at least not right away.  My best hope was that we could try to get a humanitarian visa for her and get her well.  Work on the necessary paperwork then send her back and go bring her home forever.  Since we had not even started the process for an international adoption I thought it was impossible that we'd have any chance of adopting her– especially as sick as she is. 


I just knew someone had to do something for this child that I had not even seen a picture.  Yet, I felt a tug at my heart, but did not recognize it as a “mother tug” just a tug to save a baby. 


I'm learning that with God all things are possible.  Even the adoption of a darling little girl halfway around the world.  Many questions I have had are being answered.  Not in my time, but in His.


Thankfully, the domestic homestudy is not hard to convert.  We met with our wonderful, fabulous, phenominal social worker yesterday afternoon when I called her about 8:45 yesterday morning and dropped the bombshell.  We were already preparing to convert the homestudy so we have already read some of the material she wanted us to go over.  Also, even though Malachi was a stateside adoption, we face many of the same issues with him that are concerns with international adoption.  Nothing like life experience to prepare a person for the unexpected. 


I think God gives us these difficult cases because he knows we won't just sit back.  He knows we will work for these children.  He knows we will fight for these children.  He knows we will climb the mountains if necessary.  And he knows that through it all we will trust in Him for the final outcome.  (there's at least one area where I trust Him)


This is definately the unexpected– even moreso than precious Jeremiah that we thought would be ours back in January. 

I pray for the strength to be up to the task into the unknown. 


3 thoughts on “Amazed at the Unexpected

  1. Praying God’s peace for you. His peace is like a river and sometimes a river has many twists, turns and unexpected turbelence, but God is right beside you through it all. Blessings to you.


  2. I have been praying for Dorcas ever since I first read about her. Now I am praying for you folks too.



  3. This is so amazing, God is good!!!! I am very happy for you. Please keep posting details and pictures!


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