Insurance letter on the Way

I must say, I was a little worried about this.  My understanding is that an insurance company has to cover an adopted child the same way they would one born to us.  But, they didn't accept Malachi.  We changed companies right in the middle of bringing him home.  I guess that's why they didn't have to cover him.  Go figure!?!  


It's a long shot for sure, but we are going to apply for a grant to Shoshanna's Hope.  It can't hurt to try and we'll never know if we don't. 


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  1. Although it's been a few years since our adoptions I was shocked about your insurance co. rejecting you! We had insurance at the time and adopted two children in need of many surgeries and health issues. They told us that they wouldn't even make us wait the year for them that our other family members had to wait! Very humanitarian I thought.
    I don't know all your needs but will Shriner's help? A few years after our receiving our forever children our insurance skyrocketed and we had to drop it. We were in the middle of reconstructive surgeries and I sat and cried. God is so good though, the same week we were notified that our surgeon was changing hospitals and we needed to decide whether to change doctors or hospitals. We wanted to stay with him because he had started the surgeries and had done an AWESOME job. I called Shriner's to talk with them about payment plans etc… and was told not to worry because Shriner's doesn't charge !!! Was it coincidence that the week we had to drop our insurance was the same week our doctor changed to a hospital that doesn't charge for it's services? I think not !
    Our second adoption (which was actually our first but we waited 5 years and was told that it probably wouldn't happen) came about 2 weeks after returning from Russia with our youngest! We had a whopping $200 to our names! We had depleted savings etc… God proved His mightiness as the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills when money started appearing from the strangest places – along with coming from friends. We ended up with a few thousand more than we thought we needed for our 12 day stay in Ukraine. God, however, knew that we would be staying in Ukraine for 5 weeks and would need more money for translators, lodging and drivers and had supplied it ahead of time!
    One time when I was really struggling with an insurmountable problem a missionary friend from Africa wrote 3 simple words to me. As I read them I realized they could be read 3 different ways and all increasing the meaning. This morning I share them with you.
    GOD is able
    God IS able
    God is ABLE

    I know the heartache of the mother tug, the questions, frustrations etc…. I will be ferverently praying for you all.

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  2. Hi, I just found your blog, and your little Dorcas is so beautiful! We adopted through acres, too – though Naomia was 8months and 12 or 13 pounds when she came home. Praying it all finishes quickly and smoothly so you can get that baby home and healthy! Please email if there’s anything I can do to help. Oh, have you looked into the Abba fund? I don’t know how quickly it works, and it’s not a grant, but it is an interest free adoption loan from a Christian company. Blessings,


  3. YOU are the one adopting Dorcas??? I read about you on an adopting group and didn’t make the connection. I will pray. How exciting! Michelle


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