A New Friend Needs Prayer

My new friend Kellie and her family needs prayer.  Her 16 year old baby sister, Bethany,  was at camp in Chattanooga and had a wakeboarding accident yesterday.  She is brain dead.  Kellie is flying there from northern CA this morning. 


Kellie and her husband Rick are in the process of adopting a baby boy in Liberia that is in almost as bad as shape as Dorcas.  Kellie travelled last year to bring home their children and is going back for Melvin, maybe around the same time that Shane will travel. 


I have talked to Kellie on the phone a couple of times including yesterday morning– she is a precious soul.  How difficult this must be for her. 


4 thoughts on “A New Friend Needs Prayer

  1. How heartbreaking!

    I will definitely be praying for Kellie and for the whole family…I cannot imagine how devastated they must be right now. Praying for God’s comfort, love, and peace…



  2. I am forwarding any comments to Kellies email. She needs to know that her and her family is being lifted up.


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