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Since last Thursday this is what we have gotten accomplished from scratch for Dorcas adoption:


We have the copies of our complete federal income tax returns and W2's for the past 3 years. 

We have the 3 notorized copies of the homestudy,

We have reference letters and copies.

We have Shanes birth certificates

We have the letter to the liberian gov't.

We have Shane's notarized employment verification letter and copies

We have all other forms that need to be notarized ready to go to the notary on Friday. 

We have pics of our house and family pics ready

We have filed the I 600 A including fingerprints.


Here is what we are lacking :


We have proof of medical insurance on it's way– letters from ins. companys.

we have my birth certificates from Texas on their way,  and our marriage certificates from TN on the way. (we have one certified copy each but are waiting on the 2nd copy)

 Shane has an appt. friday for Hep B and HIV as well as what he needs to travel. 

I need Hep B and HIV testing done — will do on Monday.

I need to get passport photos made for me– will do on Monday.

 we made a 2 hour trip one way to file the I600 A and be fingerprinted today  


Not to bad for a week's worth of work– even if I do say so myself. 


We got the medical report last night but couldn't read it very well.  We worked on it for about 2 hours.  It was a sight.  If we tried to print it, it would get blurry so Shane is sitting at the computer with a magnifier trying to read the report sideways because doesn't even want to rotate it. 


Here is what we could make out.  As of July 7th.  She is feeding well, but spitting a lot of it up.  She has pneumonia, but is responding to antibiotics.  The Dr. says “possible Infantile Marfan's syndrome”  She can move her left arm, so the twist in it from birth doesn't appear as bad as we thought– s”the heart sounds…? and something about her eyes — we couldn't quite make it out.  Also diagnosed with failure to thrive.  She did smile and make eye contact too with the doctor.

Donna could read what she had, so she's going to fax it to Shane at work.  He'll be in another office today, but, he'll call his office and ask them to fax it to him there. 


We have decided to call her “Tabitha”  when she comes home  Tabitha doesn't lend itself to teasing like Dorcas does, but is the same name, and means “Gazelle” Gazelle's are graceful, delicate looking but very strong animals.  It fits her. 


We think her middle name will be “Faith”  because God has been faithful to us and to her through this entire process.  But we want to wait to make the final decision until Shane meets the birthfamily and brings her home. 


We still don't know how we're paying for this, for now we borrow against our home equity.  God knew we'd need that when the bank offered it without our asking for it. 


We will be gone all day with ballet rehersal.  Then the show tomorrow and Saturday.  Yippee!!! Then we will only have Little Bit's speech therapy and getting the rest done for Dorcas.  Yippee!!!


4 thoughts on “Where we are

  1. on getting so much done.

    I am still leary that she actually has marfan’s syndrome. Sorry I’m always skeptical about other’s diagnosis.

    Tabitha Faith is a fabulous name. On my recent tag I wrote that my next girls name would be Tabitha Grace, wow…good minds think a like. *smile*.

    God is soooo in control of this situation, He is blessing you all so much.
    Blessings and many prayers to you all,


  2. about your next girl being Tabitha Grace and thought that too. We just feel Dorcas lends itself to much teasing and want to keep the name, so Tabitha fits. A few weeks ago it dawned on me that God would be faithful in bringing us a daughter in His time. And when we least expected it, it happened. Hence the name Faith.

    In our limited research, we think that it’s a little early to diagnose Marfan’s syndrome, too but that is what the medical report says. We definately believe the failure to thrive. We know that there issues with her eyes. But mainly we’ll have to wait to get her here to see what else her little body is doing.

    Little Bit came with so many labels at 3 y/o that it was unreal– at least 10 including ADHD and others. We believe he has none–except the cleft of course.


  3. Isn’t it great getting those things checked off that ‘paper chase’ list?

    Praying that little girl home,
    Mrs. L
    Paper Chase survivor, currently waiting for referral.


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