The Diaper Dilemma

When we brought Bubba home from the hospital, we lived in the city.  A nice convenient diaper service took our icky, smelly diapers and brought us nice clean diapers and left them on the porch once a week. 


But now… we live in the country.  I don't think we'll get our diaper service to come out here.  So all you ladies with babies in cloth diapers  (or who have had babies in cloth diapers recently)  tell me what you use and why they are the best.  And how many I need.   It may be that we use disposable afterall– but I hate wasting all that $$$$  just to throw them away or burn them. 


4 thoughts on “The Diaper Dilemma

  1. We mainly use plain old prefolds, pins and gerber covers/”plastic pants”. We also have a few Fuzzi Bunz but they’re too expensive for us to use all the time. If you wash every other day (or even everyday), they generally don’t get stinky unless there’s a bad poo (which we rinse anyway). We don’t have a dryer and live in a damp area so it seems like we always have diapers hanging up in our basement but it beats filling up the landfills!

    Good luck!!

    (BTW, I was just randomly checking blogs and this popped out at me. I love talking about cloth diapers. Hope you have a great day!)


  2. I use Motherease. I love them! The snaps and the airflow covers are absolutely wonderful. Plus I love all the cute designs they have. The 24 diapers I bought with my first have lasted through part-time cloth diapering with three children.–I even dry them in the dryer. I found I didn’t need the liners they recomended and now that I do laundry daily, I only need 2 or 3 covers in each size, one goes in at every load. I always put them in pampers at night. They are more pricey than other cloth diapers, but to me, it was worth every penny–and have still saved us quite a few! 🙂 Have fun!


  3. I’ve gone back and forth between cloth and dispoables more times than I can count. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but I like cloth better in the long run. Since my husband is not quiverfull-minded and he is very sure he doesn’t want anymore children, I will gladly mail you a box full of newborn size cloth diapers (barely used) and newborn size baby girl clothes, if you would like.
    Blessings ~ Diane


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