Speaking of Dreams . . . life interrupted

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*** I have edited this post some for the blog hop this week.  In continuation of Life Interrupted.  This post was written 7 years ago, so this dream occurred almost 18 years ago!   If you search under the adoption topic you can find all of my posts about our 4 adoption journeys, and a couple of our “adoption miscarriages.”

Shane and i had talked about adopting children before we were married.  We thought it would be after we had “our own” children.  But that wasn’t God’s plan for us.  Honestly, I can’t imagine our family any other way.  My children are born in my heart even though they were not born in my womb!

I am much encouraged.  So far, Diane and Dixie have both had dreams about our little Dorcas.  Thank you both for sharing with us about your dreams.  It gives me hope that Dorcas (Tabitha) will live to see her new home and that she will grow up healthy and happy.

Dreams are not a new part of our life.  Shane has been given several dreams with significant meaning over the years.  One such dream came early in January almost 11 years ago.  We had just returned to our apartment in Abilene, TX after spending Christmas vacation with Shane’s parents.  We had decided over the break that our “career” in grad school was over.  We were back to pack up and move to the town where Shane grew up.   (long story, suffice it to say the Marriage and Family therapy program was not what we thought it would or should be).

Shane dreamed he was in an extremely bright white room.  So white that it was almost blinding.  He said an angel  with two


 handed him a bundle and said “this is your daughter  Hannah.  He had the impression that this would happen in 11 months.  The months went by and I did not get pregnant.  We wondered….  but then put it in the back of our minds.  Moved to Shane’s hometown, and got settled in.

In October we decided to contact an adoption agency that we were familiar with, just to gather information– we knew we could not afford private adoption, but didn’t really want to go the state route either.  Shane talked to the director, because we had met him a couple of times at different events.  As it happens, the agency had an 16 month old little girl they were trying to place.

The social worker called me later that day to talk to me about her.   As we were talking, I asked her name, and had to do a double take.

Her birth name was Anna.

I did a double take and said, “Did you say Hannah, or Anna?”

She said, “Anna” And  at that point,

I told the social worker (whom I had NEVER talked to before and didn’t know anything about us) about Shane’s dream

and told her that this little girl was our daughter.

She didn’t sound surprised and she didn’t argue with me 🙂

We met our little Princess a couple of weeks later.  Susan (social worker) snapped a picture.  Princess was looking at me very intensely– like she knew I would be someone special in her life.  She actually called me “Mommy” before she called her birthmother “Mommy”.  We believe God prepared her for us from the beginning of her life.

7 weeks later we brought her home.  We did everything necessary related to the adoption in that SEVEN WEEKS!   The date was December 7th.  It was 11 months later and we had our precious “bundle”  Unfortunately, we didn’t write down the exact date of the dream, but I’m fairly certain that it must have been January 7th.  And that it was exactly 11 months later.

Now our Princess is a 17 year old lovely, beautiful, intelligent, daughter of the King.  And we are so glad she’s ours.

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