Adoption Update– It’s Coming Together

This has been a good couple of days.  We mailed our packet of information to Donna at Acres of Hope by Fed ex overnight yesterday afternoon.  And today, we got USCIS approval to bring Dorcas home. 

It took one week and one day to get here and was actually approved on Monday– so it actually took 3 business days!!!! 


From my understanding that means that everything is done on our end to bring her home.  Of course, there's the misquito netting, bug spray, cell phone, first aid kit, etc… to buy.  And the tiny problem of the Liberian courts finalizing her adoption. 


Next week we have some rest and relaxation planned as we're going to the behind the scences Creation Museum tour in Kentucky.  My Mom is planning to drive up from Knoxville meet us there.  We are also planning to see the Cincinatti Zoo (Princess is excited because it is the countries oldest zoo).  And Shane and I just might get a night out on the town too.  It will be good to have this little family vacation before we add another member that will need a lot of our attention in the coming months. 


God bless each of you!


One thought on “Adoption Update– It’s Coming Together

  1. How amazing to see God at work so clearly. Enjoy your family vacation, and I’ll be praying for you when it comes time to travel!


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