Bloglines is Great

As usual Shane tries to tell me about how great something is and I put it off.  One of the last times was when he kept telling me about how fun it is to blog.  Lately, he He has been telling me about how easy Bloglines is to use.    I have been putting it off.  But about 2 weeks ago, he showed me what to do.  I took a good chunk of a Saturday and set up my friends blogs on it. 


Once it is set up– it is so easy.  I can now add those of you I enjoy reading but have never had time until now.  If I want to make a comment (which I like to do quite often) I can click on the entry very easily and it takes me to your blog where I can comment away. 


If you haven't tried bloglines, I encourage you to try it today.  What a timesaver it is! 


Oh and by the way, if you don't have your RSS feed turned on (or linked) those that want to put you on their bloglines can't. 


God's blessings to you and yours,