Not Much Happening Here

I wish I had some profound tidbit to share,  some item that I had read recently that jumped out at me.  A new to me thought to give you something to chew on— but my brain has been quite empty these last few days.  I am reading and thinking on a couple of things, but nothing quite ready to put on the paper so to speak.  So I remain quiet.  An amazing task for me. 


We are looking forward to our trip later this week.  I should have plenty to write about next week. 


In the meantime, would you keep Shane's Granddad in your prayers.  He has not been doing well and went back to the hospital today.  His health has been failing gradually over the last couple of months and he's been back and forth between the hospital and nursing home.  The man is 87 years old– and has been fairly active until recently. 


Until then…. God's richest blessings on each of you!