It Began in the Bathroom

The government being too involved in our lives I mean. 


Okay, that is not true.  It began long before the government regulated how much water can be used in the toilet so thousands of toilets overflow all over America on a daily basis (I won't elaborate more– you get the picture).   Worse yet, if most are like my Daddy, they've rigged their toilets to flush using more water than the old toilets used.  Problem solved– hardly, it still overflows although not quite as often.  Honestly, that was one of the features we liked about this house when we bought it– it had a pre-government interference toilet in the bathroom. 


The amount of water we use in our own bathroom's should not really matter to the government.  After all, we are paying the bill.  I thought free market was good for the economy?


What's next?  Regulating gas?  “Sorry only one tank a week.”  Don't know about you but that won't get us very far.  Since we live in the country and Shane depends on travelling around the city to make his sales calls– we'd be hurting.  If I want to drive a mini-van and I can afford to buy the gas (which is getting questionable lately) then it is none of the government's business how much gas I buy!  Whoops!  Regulating gas means taking money away from the government– like that would ever happen!!!!!


Spunky has been keeping us current about poor Abraham's delimna.  Another example of the government sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong.  Amazing, now that I think about it.  They wouldn't allow Teri Shiavo to be given “treatment” i.e. food and water– but they won't let this boy and his family choose to make their own educated health care decisions and are forcing treatment on him that he doesn't want to take.   I will say no more…


After telling us about a movie critic walking out of a current movie after 40 minutes with no redeeming qualities, Steve Walden wrote about the court ruling that companies could not edit and sell movies to those of us that don't want to see the blood, gore, smut, language, and all the unnessecary garbage that film-makers think we need to see even though we don't.  You know companies like Clean Films.  We have enjoyed our membership with them for about a year now.  We have been able to watch some movies with great story lines, that we otherwise would not have considered seeing beforehand.  Movies such as “The Patriot”  “Robin Hood Prince of Thiefs” “Men of Honor” and  “I Am Sam” just to name a few.  All of these movies had excellent story lines, and redeeming qualites.  We just didn't feel like we needed to hear the “f-word” repeatedly or see all the blood and gore.   Some of the movies we've rented I saw in my life before Christ too.  I must say, I honestly could not remember what had been cut from the movie.  None of these edits made any difference in the storyline of the movies we've watched.  I would think the movie producers would like more people watching their movies.  But alas, even if they did…

I suppose we'll be buying one of those DVD players that does the editing while your watching the movie–if they don't outlaw those too.