On a Similar Topic

On a similar but different note.  Why should I, an American, living in  America, have to listen to “press 2 for spanish” in Spanish before I hear any English language spoken? 


I mean no offense here, but really folks if you immigrate to America learn the language. 


My Grandmother's parents immigrated to America.  They are German Poles.  Ma Geist spoke with a heavy, heavy accent– but she spoke English.  And she was quited thankful to be in this country of ours speaking our language. 



2 thoughts on “On a Similar Topic

  1. You sound like my husband! That is one of his pet peeves. His mother immigrated here from Germany just after WWII. She taught herself how to speak English. She went through the process to become an American citizen, and she is proud to be one. That’s the way it should be.


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