One More Step

Our phone rang last night at 10:00– not usually good news when the phone rings at that time.  Especially with Shane's Grandad in the hospital again. 


It was good news.  Donna from Acres needed the front page of our homestudy.  She said that everything went very quickly and that there was one more step and they would be ready to request Dorcas's passport this week.  Yippee!!!!  I'm assuming that means the adoption will be final in Liberia then. 


I asked what that meant in the way of time.  She said 3-6 weeks.  Not as soon as we were hoping.  But we know God can work miracles and are still praying that Shane will be back with her by the middle of next month.  Yes, that is 3 weeks away, yes, in addition to the passport, visa's are apparently moving slow in Liberia, yes 3 weeks seems impossible in human terms.  However, nothing with this adoption has gone according to human terms.  Why should we stop expecting the miracles to end now? 


I emailed an update and  found out  a lot of people are online at 11:00 pm.  I immediately received 3-4 emails back from friends.  One was from Shane's sister.  She wanted to know if we had thought about Dorcas's name, and how other children might tease her.  Of course we have thought about it.  There was another name for Dorcas and that other name will be her “American” name.  Her middle name will be Faith.  For God has been faithful through the entire adoption process from the beginning, in January for us, through the end, whenever she comes home.  Or, even if she goes to her heavenly home before she gets to us. 


We had already decided that we could postpone vacation until October if necessary.  We did not plan on taking a huge vacation this year.  We're going to St. Louis and to Hannibal, you know the home of Mark Twain.  But Shane cannot be out of town for at least a week getting Dorcas and then home for a week and then out of town again.  (The radio station is so good, they are letting him use sick time to go get her and not vacation time).  We also feel that we need to be home with Dorcas for a few weeks before we go traveling with her.   Hopefully, we'll still get to go to the state fair.  Bubba likes to count the eggs in the poultry barn Go figure!




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  1. hopefully, those three weeks can be a blink of an eye!

    We’re doing the fair on Sat, the 12th! If we run into a kiddo taking a loooong time in the poultry barn, I will say Hey! šŸ™‚


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