A Must Do!!! Creation Museum

Our family was priviledged to go to the last behind the scenes Answers in Genesis Creation Museum tours.  It was Friday.  All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!  Ken Ham, Buddy Davis and the entire staff at AIG have gone above and beyond.  They have received kudos from the secular and Christian world. 


Here is the front gate.



The museum is already planning expansion to be completed before opening because the 1st year projections are so great.  The current lobby is fabulous.  There is a pond with turtle, and an animitronic boy and girl playing in the pond beside the dinos.  Here are the dinos.


There will be a dig site with a lifelike creation palentologist and an evolutionist palentologist.  They will be speaking and discussing the way each of them look at the world.



A room dedicated to the building of the Ark where people will be able to actually go inside.  There will be a 7 C's of history walk — beginning in the Garden.  Here's Adam.


I can't even come close to desribing how amazing this place is going to be.  My pictures don't do justice either.  Just take it from me– put it on your calendar for next spring.  I don't care where you live.  All my CA friends come east, you won't regret it!!!! 


This was a favorite.  You round a corner and this dino is roaring at you!!!! 


We are charter members and I encourage anyone who can join us as charter members to do so.  If you cannot commit to that amount, then send something and commit to this project.   We believe it will be one of the most important tools available for teaching non-Christians and Christians about Biblical Worldview and the truth about Creation.  It is an evangelistic museum.  At the end of the museum there will be a chapel where attendees can reflect on what they saw. 


While we were there, the museum was presented with a 1 million dollar check.  That means they are within about 3 million of the projected total.  Plus, they need another 1.4 mil to complete the expansion.  Mr. Ham said most donations have been in the $100 range and even some children had sent in small amounts. 


We were also priviledged to hear Ken Ham speak and got our picture taken with him and Buddy Davis.  They did a studio type portrait and had it ready for us to take home before we left.  There was no charge for this picture.  But we also ran into Mr. Davis in the Lobby and here's the picture.


After we left, Shane thought that maybe some of our fellow bloggers might have been there.  Drats!! Hope we didn't miss meeting anyone.  Amazingly, there were many Mennonite families present.  It was very crowded but not crazy like many places where children are running crazy.  There is also an outside walking trail that when completed will be a teaching trail.  They are hoping that people from the area will come to walk and be introduced to Christ. 


All I can say is it was AMAZING!!!!!!


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  1. .. in our wish list. i have heard of AIG but do not really know much about them. i am going to google it now. thanks for this, the pictures are awesome even if it is overlapping your sidebar. i just fixed the width of my sidebar by just doing trial and error if you don’t know how to do it i can’t promise anything.. because i am not an expert but i would like to try to help and see if we can fix your width ok… hugs, melanie =)


  2. Oh man am I jealous. This place looks so cool. I am dying to see it but since we are in Wyoming it is going to be a big trip. I was just looking at a book that Chase checked out from the library on dinosaurs and of course it was totally evolution. This really upsets me. He has loved dinosaurs since he was two and I have been noticing that he love and interest in them is starting to fade. I wonder if it is because so many times we read something and I have to explain that it is not true. I am wondering if he is thinking that dinosaurs were not real. I really hate to see his love fade. I guess I just need to make a trip to AiG and get us some truthful books. Thanks for the peek inside. It looks like it would be worth the trip for us.
    I am still thinking and praying for you and Tabitha.


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