Seeing the “other side”

While we were in the Cincinnati area, we also went to the zoo.  It is a wonderful zoo.  It is big, but there are so many animals to see.  The weather was overcast, and rainy but cool so the animals were in rare form.  We did get wet, but the plus side is the crowd wasn't very big.  By the afternoon it dried off some and my Mom treated us to soft-serve ice cream.  (we'd would not have ever bought it at $3.25 each for a cone with sprinkles but she's Gram and doesn't see us often) 

We found a puddle and the boys face, hands and legs ended up reasonably clean


We had quite a show from the  orangutans. The big one was trying to knock the smaller ones off the ropes.  We probably watched them for 15 or 20 minutes.  They were having so much fun. We could actually hear them while we were quite far from them– screaming and yelling at each other.  You'll be glad to know that all 3 of my children can imitate an arangutan now.  Yippee!




  We also saw the white tiger and a white lion.  I had no idea there was such a thing. 



It wasn't truly white, but much whiter than a normal lion.  We also saw Manatees swimming, rolling over and around the tank.  Sorry no picture– they move faster than one would think for such a large animal, all of them were blurry. 


Even though the pic isn't great, I couldn't help putting this one in.  Tabitha means gazelle and here are some keeping dry under a overhang.



We also saw one of the oldest buildings in the zoo. 

Originally it was the monkey house, now it houses the reptiles. 



This little guy was about 6  feet long. 


There were all sorts of other amazing things.  Many things were in buildings so we could go get dry. They even had an insect house– quite fascinating. 


Funny my Mom met us there from Knoxville.  Her highlight was the zoo and ours was the creation museum.   I think she actually though we drove all that way just to go to the zoo! 


By the way, AIG has a zoo guide available that I wish we would have had before we went,but no way were we trying the zoo on a Saturday lol! I think they have it available to download or to purchase in their bookstore. 



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