Mini – Update and Name Change

We have been in email contact with Dorcas’s foster family, this week. She is up to 8 1/2 lbs and has started trying to roll over.  Yippee!!!!!   Nancy (fostermom) says she gets stuck with her left arm that is twisted, but just rolls back over the other way. She is eating well (up to 5 oz. at a time) and just looks so much better. She also said that Dorcas has a crooked trachea, so her breathing is very loud and it makes eating difficult.   It is so wonderful to get new information from the family that is caring for her. 


We have not made mention of it, but we will change her name slightly, It will be _______.   From January when things fell through with the little baby (whose birthday must be very near Dorcas’s)  To the 9 year old boy that fell through a few months later.  I wondered and wondered why we needed that homestudy update in January.  I would ask God why– well now I know.  There would have been no way that our homestudy would have been converted so quickly had we not done that update in January.  We would not have been able to adopt Tabitha had we adopted either of the other children.  God is so very good! 


3 thoughts on “Mini – Update and Name Change

  1. How very exciting! And I LOVE the name– it is truly beautiful and a wonderful testimony to God’s faithfulness. 🙂



  2. I just love getting these updates. She is so close to our hearts and will be very close to yours, literally, very soon. ~Heather


  3. How wonderful – I’m so glad to hear that she’s growing! I pray God will soon bring her home to you all!


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