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What a difference a new monitor makes.  For quite a while we've been wanting a flat panel monitor but could not bring ourselves to spending $200 for one. Ours has been doing weird things for some time, but we thought we'd wait until it totally quit before we spent the money (yes, we're cheap)  Wouldn't you know I met Shane's Mom to trade children at Office Depot (they're taking turns spending the night at Grandma's this week) and she was buying a new Emachines monitor for $33 after $150.00 in rebates.  I called Shane and he said buy one too.  Apparently it was a closeout item and they had 3 left (only 1 after mil and I were done).  It's only 1″ bigger, but takes up so much less space than that big clunky 8-9 year old beast from days gone by.  If you're in the market for a flat panel monitor call your local home depot and see if they have any left. 


Fletch wrote a very interesting comment to my last entry about infant baptism.  We have studied baptism before; however, we have printed out Fletch's thoughts and are mulling them over.  We have also ordered the 2 books that Melissa recommended so Shane can start reading them.   It would not be unusual for God to show us something new–but I will say there are a couple of issues where there will have to be some compelling Scripture to show us differently. But we are open to God's leading, as doing His will in our lives is our number 1 goal.   This is also a topic that has been brought before us several times lately.  Usually a prompting for further study. For example, about 11 years ago we studied headcovering, but it was only 3 years ago when we studied it again that God showed us His will for me.   Our “conversion” to reformed theology”– God put several people in Shane's path for that one.  He studied it and then shared with me.  I studied it and we came to the same conclusion.  “It just makes sense”  Baptism, is a little different though– even those in the reformed churches don't come to the same conclusion.  We know one reformed church where the Pastor believes in a “believer's baptism” and his son (about 18 years old) believes in infant baptism.  They don't make it an issue of fellowship, but I wonder how they teach about it. 


I will say that infant baptism in the covenental sense makes more sense to me than “asking Jesus into your heart.”  This has boggled me since I became a Christian 15 years ago and  may start some comments too, as I'm sure there are many here that believe this way.  (Remember, please be kind, I am not attacking your beliefs, just questioning– and I am not questioning your salvation, as that is between you and God).  But this is something I see no scriptural authority or example for– saying a prayer and being saved. While I understand that part of the prayer is a prayer of repentance, there is no scriptural evidence of anyone saying a prayer in the way that I see those reciting the “sinners prayer”  to be saved.    


We had the opportunity last night to see a sneak preview of one of the entries for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  It was quite good for a low budget film produced by a young man and his family and friends.   It was about one of the legends of King Arthur. Merlin is waiting for the right person to wake the sleeping knights and rule England.  Well, in the movie Jim is the right person, wakes the giants and then realizes that Merlin wants to use evil to bring about his plan– Jim won't go along with it and they go running to the “gate” where “he who enters slumbers”  to put the knights back to sleep.  We were a little disappointed though– not sword fighting scences.  But really cool props to look at — swords and helmets and those mesh face guards that weight about 5 lbs.–imagine wearing that while trying to fight a battle.  (It made me think of David when he fought Goliath and tried wearing Sauls armour).   Wouldn't you know I deleted the email about it so I don't have the “Title”  It'll be October before they know if they've placed in the contest. 


Nothing new on the adoption.  We were hoping to hear from Donna this week that the adoption was final and passport was in process. This doesn't mean it hasn't happened, just means that Donna's been to busy to let us know.   Fostermom said that the formula she's using for Tabitha is agreeing with her and it almost gone and they don't have anymore of that brand–hoping Shane will get there before they run out. 


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  1. I’d be interested to know more about the desision for wearing a head covering if you’d like to share and when you have a few minutes. : )
    Also thought I’d let you know that I’ve kept precious Dorcas/Tabitha in my prayers and have kept my family updated on her progress as you post about her. “you guys!! she gained weight!! that’s so awesome!!” : )


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