Shane’s Grandpa– At Peace

Shane's Grandpa passed away this afternoon (Sunday).  He was 86 years old, and lived a full life.  He was one of the few remaining WWII Veterans, worked for GM in his younger years, and then moved to the country where he had cattle on about 100 acres until they sold part of it a few years ago.  Grandpa seemed thrilled when we moved to the country a few years ago.  


He has been pretty heathly for 86, until about 3 months ago.  And has been between hosptial and nursing home since then.  He had a pretty sizeable stroke about 3 weeks ago and decided Monday to stop all therapy.  We saw him Tuesday evening and had a nice little visit with him.  (As nice as you can have in a hospital room).  He was difficult to understand because of the stroke, but was alert, and even remembered us being there enough to tell Grandma about it the next day.  But we also knew it would probably be the last time we'd see him in this life. 


Him and Grandma would have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this coming Wednesday.  I don't know about you, but I don't know many people that can say that.  I'd have to live to be 94 for Shane and I to do the same.  Possible, but not likely.  I can think of only one couple that I've ever met that celebrated 60 or more years together. 


Shane has been asked by Grandma to be a pall-bearer and to say a few words at the funeral.  It's kind of strange.  We're sad and we'll miss him, but it's kind of hard to be grief-stricken when he's lived such a long, healthy, productive life. We know he's no longer suffering.  Our children are doing well, and Shane is doing well but, we haven't seen Grandma or the rest of the family yet.  Please pray especially for his children (Shane's Dad and his Aunts) and for his wife– 65 years is a long time, then to be alone. Shane and I suspect she will move from the farm to his Aunt's house in the city.  This will be an adjustment too.


We are at peace, and have confidence that Grandpa is at peace as well


One thought on “Shane’s Grandpa– At Peace

  1. I am so sorry for your loss! What a blessing, though, to have had a great visit last week.

    Praying for God’s comfort for Shane and for his grandma. I can only imagine how she must feel right now.

    Lots of love,


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