I liked being anonymous

For a long time, I didn't tell anyone I knew about this blog.  It was my “secret” place.  My journal.  I have shared many thoughts about a wide variety of topics since starting this blog in January.  This is my place to share who I really am without fear of being “found out.”   A place to get all my weird ideas out of my head.  A place to think through things.  And a place to hopefully find like minded people that I could get encouragment from, because there hasn't been much encouragement from anyone that we know personally lately. 


It's hard to find people as weird as we are. 


I wanted to get my thoughts on Sunday school, coops, submission, quiver- full family planning, modest dressing (dresses/skirts only), headcovering (I'm one of 2 people I know that that do it) adoption, God, and life in general.  I hesitated to tell people I knew about my blog. In fact, many people I know still don't know about my blog.  That's why we have the family blog.  I can put the light stuff there.  Cute pictures, what we've been doing, etc.  and save this blog for the heavy thoughts.  A place to say exactly what is on my mind without feeling like I'm going to offend people.  (since those that disagree tend to move on to someone else's blog). 


And I have found exactly what I was hoping for from this community. Oh, not always perfectly.  I have blogging friends that I disagree with on issues and who disagree with me.  And that's okay.  There is an understanding and a respect among most of us in the blogging community.  I'm sure I have blogging friends that I would absolutely disagree with if we lived in the same community, and that would absolutely disagree with me.  But we can be blogging friends.  That's one thing I love about this community. 


Eventually, I told my “best-est” friends.  You know the ones you can tell your craziest, wildest most absurd thoughts to and they still love ya anyway. 


Then, Dorcas entered the picture and I started sharing my blog with more people that I know.  I was sharing on the blog about her progress and didn't really think it through–the entire purpose for my blog thing. 


This morning, I posted some of my weird thoughts.  The crazy “we don't do coop” thought.  I had posted about this before and linked to it in this morning's post.  I posted this long before I started sharing my blog more widespread with people I know.  I did not wish to offend people I know, yet I fear I did.  If you do coops, please don't feel that you have to defend your position to me.  That is for your husband and you to decide for your family. 


My original post is linked here.  Maybe this will explain a little more where we're coming from. 














2 thoughts on “I liked being anonymous

  1. Christine,
    No offence taken, here. I respect your decision and applaud you for your conviction. Your post made me stop and think about the reasons we co-op and what was gained or lost from attending it. I’m sorry if you felt rebuked for your opinion because that certainly wasn’t the intent of my post. I always say, “You have to be a little weird to homeschool.” In fact I know no one as weird as I am.
    I agree with you on the topic of homeschoolers being over scheduled. I know one mom who literally has her child follow her around the house with her book in hand because she has no time to sit down with her child and teach her. We have had to make some hard calls recently in our homeschool. Having an new baby was good for us because it has slowed us down considerably.
    Being involved in too many activities was a topic that I covered intensely, when I spoke at Good Shepherd. I even broke down what the law said about being at the home location for at least 400 (too few in my opinion) of the mandatory 600 core hours. I broke it down to how many hours that would be per day (2.2 hours in a 36 week school year, in case you are interested.) I think they were very smart to include that into the law.
    So, to some it all up. Don’t stop posting your weird and crazy thoughts. I enjoy them because they are thought provoking. They also allow me to know who you truly are. BTW I think you have such a loving and kind sprit and I am glad to have the chance to get to know the real you!


  2. I am not in anyway offended. Polite debate is healthy among friends. If we can’t be honest with each other what’s the point. I have plenty of surface friends. It is the heart friends I desire. Those that know you warts and all and love you anyway.

    Besides, I appreciate your views. You got me thinking about family worship. Partially because of your valid points, we are keeping the kids in worship service with us even though they are offering Children’s Church up to sixth grade this year. I wish I had known you seven years ago. I had a few friends talk to me about birth control but they never explained their reasoning. You would have and it might have kept me from the consequences I have from using the stuff.

    You are a dear sweet person and a great friend. Keep your thoughts coming!


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