Rough Around the Edges

I’m finally getting around to the real brunt of why I am sitting here at midnight instead of asleep in bed next to my sweet husband.  I made this entry for friends only because I really just need to get this off my chest and don’t want everyone to be able to read it.  


Shane’s brother and sister came home for the funeral. 


Shane’s brother married an interesting woman.  I don’t think there is anything that she doesn’t know.  Which is amazing at her young age of around 25 years old.  It doesn’t matter the topic– gardening, livestock (of any kind), plants, cooking, anything about every state in the union and many countries in the world– including countries she’s never been too.  You name it, she knows about it.  Not only that but she has advice for every situation. 


Usually I can let what ever she says slide right off and it doesn’t bother me.  However, today she crossed a line. 


She told me today while we were at the church for the meal after Grandpa’s graveside service that when she met Bubba the first time "he was a brat"  Yes, that is a quote. But he’s "growing up now" and has made "a lot of progress"  She was about 21 years old when she met him (he would have been about 3) had no children then and now has one son that is almost 3. 


Now, I will admit.  Bubba is a child that has his own way of going about life.  He is a dreamer and can be quite difficult.  He can be quite rebellious and foolish at times and I admit– I have used the "b" word to describe him in the past.  But, Bubba and I have discussed it and I realized it was wrong to call him that.  I have repented and apologized and have not called him that since then. It infuriates me that this woman who sees him twice a year and really doesn’t know anything about him, nor cares to know anything about him had the audacity to tell me that she thought he was a brat!!!


Fortunately, it did not really dawn on me what she said until after we got home and I was sitting by myself earlier this evening.  Or I might have said something I would have regretted.  Thank you Jesus!


We (the children and I) were invited along with them and the rest of the family (Shane will be working) to go swimming over at Great Aunt and Uncle’s house tomorrow.   I was considering taking the children as they love to swim, but don’t get the opportunity often.  However, knowing what Shane’s brother’s wife thinks of my son… the desire has left me.  Thankfully, the children don’t know the opportunity they’ll miss.   


I want to tell Shane’s parents why I won’t be bringing them, but for several reasons (there’s another friends only entry) I don’t think it would accomplish anything. 


Knowing what we know about sil’s family, which isn’t a lot but enough, we understand why she has to build herself up and tear others down in the process, but come on– Bubba was not even 3 and we were doing the best we could. (Hey, we’re still doing the best we can–he’s a tough cookie).  He’s one of those children that isn’t phased by anything– except maybe writing sentences.  I have often said that he and I are a lot alike.  Maybe that’s why I’m offended at her comment– maybe she thinks  I’m a brat too.