Out of the Fog and Stuff

I must apologize for the funk I have been in the last few posts.  Especially for the one about being wanting to be anonymous.  I may even delete it– not sure yet.  I know people feel strongly about their co-ops.  I should leave these controversial topics alone, but sometimes I can't help myself.  I wish we were more “normal” and not so whacked out sometimes– it'd be a lot easier. 


I have pictures to post on the family blog from Grandpa's military burial.  Not sure I'll get to them today.  I'll let ya know when I do.  Who would have thought education at a funeral– we'll count anything ya know. 


Saturday I was sitting at the desk, took my glasses off to clean them and they broke right in two at the nose piece.  I guess I have two monacles now.  

Shane said “duck tape” 

I said “forget it”

Fortunately, I still had my old pair and the new pair is waiting at Penney's for me to pick them up tomorrow.   The old ones work fine unless I'm trying to read small print in the phone book to find a Walmart tire department still open at 8:00 pm.  Read on for that story. 


About 6 weeks ago, I broke down and bought a dulcimer.  It just looked like fun and Sandi had told me how much fun they were.  I have been piddling around on it since then.  But could not figure out how to get it tuned.  So I've just been playing it waaaaay out of tune.  Our preacher plays the guitar and I've been meaning to take it with us one Sunday and ask if he would help me tune it. I did and he did and what a difference it makes. 


Yesterday Shane took the day off and we went to the Missouri state fair.  It has been an annual tradition for Shane to take the “farm bureau” day off work and head the 1 1/2 hours or so to Sedelia.  (we save $2 on tickets that day).  It also happened to be our 12th anniversary.   We didn't even get each other a card– and you know what?  It was perfectly okay with me!  I had all that I could ever want.  It was a great day. We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.  Shane took pictures on the “Liberia” camera.  It takes an xd card and we don't have a reader for it, as soon as we get it connected I'll upload some of those too.  We walked and walked and walked.  We had turkey legs that fell off the bone, ice cream and honey sticks for lunch.   Bubba loves the poultry barn– he feels it is his job to count the eggs lol!  It's fun seeing all the different breeds.  I love the 4-H building; it is fun to see what these young people have done.  I especialy like seeing the photographs.  We all enjoy the MO dept. of Conservation building.  And the electric building is pretty interesting.  Shane rode a bike to see how much power he could generate.  He operated a blow dryer.  He decided that people wouldn't use nearly as much electricity if they had to bike for it.   This year, we went in reverse so the children were able to do a scavenger hunt from the farm bureau building.  They hiked, Shane and the children, all the way to the swine and sheep area for some of the answers.  What about me, you ask?  I sat on a bench outside the commercial building until Shane called and asked me to meet them at the Farm Bureau building.  The prizes were nothing to sneeze at.  Princess won a $5 hamburger from the beef house, Little Bit, a soft-serve ice cream cone from the dairy building (he chose bubble gum) and Bubba won a magic trick book and some props.  Perfect.  We all shared the burger and ice cream and Bubba will share his magic book.   And we each enjoyed a nice 25 cent glass of chocolate milk.  Hey, we're not that cheap. We were there all day and didn't even make it to the cattle barns.  And we never make it to the midway– too expensive and too many not dressed enough females running around.  And we never miss it.


We did have a flat tire on the way home.  Thankfully it happened in a spot where the children and I could get back off the road and we left before dark and Shane was with us.  This is the first flat we had in the van.  It was an adventure just to get the spare tire down.   We had a blanket in the back so I spread it out and we sat down and sang songs and played a couple of games–no duck duck goose though.  It made me too nervous.   Stopped by Walmart on the way home to see about a new tire.  Was told there'd be a 3 hour wait.  Meaning 11 pm before they'd have 2 new tires put on our car.  No thank you. I tried calling 3 other Walmarts (this is where the glasses come into play) but not one was open.  Shane drove the van today and we got a deal.  They were out of the tires that he wanted –meaning the “cheap as you can get that are decent tires”.  So they called and asked if it would be okay if the substituted the next best tire at the same price.  Didn't have to think about that for long before saying “yes!”


We were blessed with a dresser, a stroller, a baby bath and a bathtub ring from some friends for the baby this weekend.  Still waiting on that passport…  The stroller is blue, but beggers cant' be choosers and Dorcas will  never know the difference.  We'll just have to make sure she's wearing pink when she's in it.  Of course, some people won't pay attention anyway…


One day not long after we brought Little Bit home, we had the boys dressed in matching red shirts and sitting in a double stroller.  Shane had the 3 children.  As they came to a door, a lady in front of them told her friend, “hold on a minute I have to hold the door for these twins”    If you've seen any pictures of my two boys you'll know that they look nothing alike.  For heaven's sake… one is roast beef and one is root beer.  We still laugh about our “twins” 


I guess this is enough rambling for one day.