What does $27.10 buy at the local DAV Thrift Store?

Stopped in to find a suitcase– found one for $2.98, but because the tag fell off right at the checkout they wouldn't sell it to me without re-tagging it.  It was an old Samsonite that had been there a while because it was marked down.  I would have thought it'd be better to believe me and sell it than to have it sit on their shelf another few months.  Go figure.  I guess God has something better in mind. 

But I still got a deal 


23 onsies assorted colors and sizes (.49 each)  Many in like new condition. 

2 baby towels

2 burp rags

2 newborn baby gowns

1 pair of baby pants

7 lightweight baby blankets

and 2 pairs of pants for Shane


Guess what Shane's taking to Liberia? 


Everything was marked down except for for one of the pairs of pants for $4.98 for Shane.  They are very nice lightweight Gap pants, so they were well worth the $5.