Clean Films Liquidation Sale

A few weeks ago a judge decided that Cleanfims, and others like them could no longer edit and rent (or sale) movies.  A  few days after that, they had a sale.  This was the weekend we were at the Creation Museum and by the time we found out about it we were only able to purchase “God and Generals” and “Luther”.  The others we were interested in were sold out.


But they were still renting movies so I remained hopeful that they're be another sale.  Lo and behold yesterday evening another email announcing their liquidation sale!  It runs through the end of the month.  After that date they will no longer be able to rent or sell these wonderful movies.  We are very disappointed, as we've seen some pretty good movies because of this service. 


We were able to purchase several other movies that we would never have purchased or seen unless it had been for the edited versions.  Like “The Patriot” or “Braveheart” we also purchased “I Am Sam” even though “fiction” a very interesting, and I believe to be realistic,  look at our social services system in this country.  We also purchased “Robin Hood Prince of Theives” and “First Knight” which we will put back for Christmas gifts for the children. All of these movies were $9.95, although I think some of the movies were priced to 15 or so.  Also, they are not selling the unedited version for this price and recommend buying it elsewhere.  But what a deal.  Now we have some great movies to watch without having to worry about the bad stuff. 


We are considering the clearplay dvd player and filters; however, the initial up front cost is pretty big and with the adoption we're not sure we'll do it right away. 


Run on over to Cleanfilms and take advantage of their (and our) misfortune.  You can't lose. 


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